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Who We Are

Leadership for Educational Equity is a nonprofit leadership development organization inspiring and supporting a network of civic leaders to end the injustice of educational inequity.

Through personalized coaching, fellowships, workshops, and resources, LEE works to develop and inspire members individually and collectively across all disciplines — as policy makers, advocates, elected leaders, and community organizers.

When a diverse group of leaders, grounded in their experience working in schools and neighborhoods, are in leadership roles, they will serve as a transformative force for and with young people, communities, and the broader movement for educational equity.

LEE membership is free and currently open to all members and alumni of our partner organizations:

  • Teach For America
  • New Leaders
  • Public Allies
  • Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
  • Urban Teachers
  • Latinos for Education



Not yet a member, but interested in becoming a part of the LEE network?

Member Spotlight
Samantha Wauls
Lower Brule, SD
Samantha Wauls is a voice for tribal education.
Wesley Farrow
Los Angeles, CA
Wesley Farrow listens without an agenda.
Baltimore Intersections
Baltimore, MD
Zeke Cohen’s nonprofit is making an impact in Charm City.
Maribel Gonzalez
Berkeley, CA
Maribel Gonzalez’s personal experience fuels her cause.