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National Fundamentals of Organizing & Civic Engagement Workshop

  • National Fundamentals of Organizing & Civic Engagement Workshop

Build the knowledge, skills, and networks needed to organize for educational equity at our organizing workshop! 

The National Fundamentals of Organizing and Civic Engagement (NFORCE) is a dynamic training program that includes online learning and a one-day virtual workshop designed to help you build a foundation of organizing skills and connect to organizers across the country. 

Learn how to use your power to change policies, gain the support of decision-makers, create systems that positively impact student outcomes, and meet with leading organizers from around the country.


Program Agenda

  • Before the workshop, you’ll complete brief online courses that will expose you to the fundamentals of organizing and civic engagement. These modules will focus on the organizing cycle, power, self-interest, and building a constituency. 
  • During the one-day workshop, you’ll build on your takeaways from your online courses by practicing your personal story, exploring power, and building skills in conducting individual relational meetings and house meetings. The workshop includes a mix of hands-on, small group activities, brief presentations, simulations, skill-building, and practice with national experts across the country.
  • After the workshop, you’ll engage in guided distance learning activities to put lessons into practice in your community and take next steps in your organizing journey.


Why Should You Attend?

  • You’re interested in organizing.
  • You want to get more involved in grassroots efforts in your community.
  • You’d like to become a member of your local Organizing Alliance.


2021 Dates

NFORCE #4: Saturday, November 6 at 12:00 - 5:30pm ET (one day only)

  • Deadline to apply is Wednesday, November 3



Registration takes just 3-5 minutes to complete.

Questions? Email