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Exploring Liberatory Leadership

  • exploring liberatory leadership

To achieve educational equity in our country, communities need visionary, effective leaders who center their work on the most marginalized students. To build these skills and support members in creating meaningful change, LEE is offering a new virtual workshop, Exploring Liberatory Leadership.

At this workshop, you will learn how to develop a liberatory consciousness to advance educational equity in your community -- as an educator, community member, parent, advocate, and civic leader.


What is liberatory consciousness?

Liberatory consciousness is a framework developed by Barbara J. Love that supports people in constructing more equitable and inclusive systems. If you are committed to creating systemic change, you can use this framework to build equity-minded leadership competencies.

Love’s framework teaches us to move through the 4A’s:

  • Awareness
  • Analysis
  • Accountability
  • Action/Allyship

We must be able to notice the systems of oppression we live in and then determine why they exist and how we can create change. We must take this knowledge and turn it into meaningful action while working with others and committing to continuous growth and learning.


Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is ideal for you if you are:

  • New to LEE and want to deepen your understanding of LEE’s theory of change
  • Looking to meet other members in the network and learn more about LEE’s work
  • Interested in leveraging the LEE network to achieve greater impact as a public leader
  • Eager to explore what it takes to be an effective community leader
  • Curious to learn about different leadership pathways


What to expect from the program

Our workshops offer concrete skill-building opportunities, plus a space to meet fellow equity-minded members working toward similar goals. When you complete the Exploring Liberatory Leadership workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to develop and apply liberatory consciousness as an equity-minded leader working to dismantle systems of inequity through civic change and public leadership
  • Clearly understand the knowledge, skills, and mindsets equity-minded leaders need
  • Build community and strengthen your network with members from across the country in order to collaborate and leverage your leadership and a diverse set of skills to champion change and equity in your local community

Exploring Liberatory Leadership took place on July 20, 2022. To see upcoming programs, login to your LEE account and check out programming.



Want to learn more about the concept of Liberatory Consciousness?

Check out this LEE resource: Tools for Social Change: How to Develop a Liberatory Consciousness.