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Building a Movement

The LEE Network

As a LEE member, you can make incredible change for kids in your community and send a ripple effect across the country. 

LEE members fight for equity in a broad range of issues, from housing to fair representation to school safety. These issues aren’t solved by any one person or law, so LEE members work as a collective to address injustice at all levels of government and policy.

Our 45,000+ current members are diverse, experienced leaders working at all levels and across all disciplines of civic engagement. They’re policymakers, public officials, community organizers, school teachers and administrators, neighborhood leaders.


Our Partners

LEE is building a diverse movement for educational equity led by and with communities. In collaboration with our partner organizations, LEE holds decision-makers accountable and ensures that every child in every community will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

LEE members come from a diverse range of equity-driven organizations. Learn more.


Your Leadership is Needed in the Movement