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What We Do

We support leaders in the fight to end educational inequity.

At Leadership for Educational Equity, we know that you want to be a change agent for kids in your community. We see the ways you’re already fighting injustice – and we feel your desire to make your impact even bigger.

With so many equity issues plaguing our country, it’s hard to know how to help and where to apply your skills and background. In order to create lasting change, you need the right networks, training, and opportunities. That’s where LEE comes in.


We believe our country needs diverse leaders like you in all halls of power – we’re devoted to supporting civic leaders in stepping up to fight injustice. 

We’ve helped thousands of LEE members get involved in community organizing, obtain elected leadership positions, push for equity in their neighborhoods, and create lasting change through policy and advocacy work.


Here’s How We Do It

  1. Connect you with the right LEE coach
  2. Offer free tools & programs to guide your leadership
  3. Provide the encouragement & guidance you need to take the next step



Being a Member

As a member of the LEE network, you’ll have the opportunity to grow in your career and leadership with our resources and personalized support. You’ll work with coaches and other LEE members to realize your own potential so children across the nation have the opportunity to realize theirs. How will you be supported by LEE? Move your career forward with professional and leadership development resources Expand your professional and peer networks through networking, mentorship, and coaching Take action at the local or national level with trainings, fellowships, and campaign support to connect you to opportunities


Join a Movement of Equity Leaders

We all have a role to play in achieving educational equity. The LEE Organizing Network is made up of 20+ regional organizing alliances who work together to address equity. LEE connects members to one another and to partners in the broader movement for equity.


Dive Into Development Opportunities 

As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to apply to paid fellowships, attend weekend workshops, utilize career development tools, receive in-person campaign support, and so much more. LEE has resources made for you, as you work to grow your impact.


Not yet a member, but interested in becoming a part of the LEE network?