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What We Do

We support leaders in the fight to end educational inequity.

At Leadership for Educational Equity, we know that you want to be a change agent for kids in your community. We see the ways you’re already fighting injustice – and we feel your desire to make your impact even bigger.

With so many equity issues plaguing our country, it’s hard to know how to help and where to apply your skills and background. In order to create lasting change, you need the right networks, training, and opportunities. That’s where LEE comes in.


We believe our country needs diverse leaders like you in all halls of power – we’re devoted to supporting civic leaders in stepping up to fight injustice. 

We’ve helped thousands of LEE members get involved in community organizing, obtain elected leadership positions, push for equity in their neighborhoods, and create lasting change through policy and advocacy work.


Here’s How We Do It

  1. Meet with a LEE coach: We’re excited to learn about your unique background and leadership goals through free one-on-one coaching. 
  2. Leverage our free tools and resources: From virtual courses to fellowships to elected leadership coaching and national networking events, we’re here to support your growth.
  3. Take the next step in your leadership: We’ll help you discover and connect to leadership positions, organizing opportunities, or advocacy work that helps you become the change you want to see.


Not yet a member, but interested in becoming a part of the LEE network?