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Soham Sengupta

LEE member Soham Sengupta talks about w

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Teachers and former teachers are shaping their communities as elected leaders.

LEE’s Public Policy Fellowship is a pai

Jorge Pacheco, Jr.

Our “LEE Members in Office” series

Robin Pulliam

"The question we need to be asking is how do we provide the right resources to families so that they feel they can support their children through their education."

Reggie White

LEE member Reggie White is an educator,

Kyra Mungia

"The system isn’t broken, but rather it is doing exactly what it was designed to do by institutionalizing and perpetuating racial advantage and disadvantage, and unequal distributions of money and power."

Ramiro Flores Turrubiates

“The experience also helped me expand my network and gave me access to professional development with other fellows that allowed me to think deeply about this work."

Jessica Samuel

“When we, as an American society, realize that our collective triumph is contingent upon the individual victories of those most deprived among us, then will equity in education be realized. Everyone has a role in this work.”

Not sure what your next steps are?

Jacqulyn Whang

Jacqulyn Whang hasn't always believed i

Jeniffer Montaño

Leadership for Educational Equity memb

"I think that education is a way out, if we dedicate the resources to the right policies, principles and practices. I want to be in government because I know we can drive those changes.'

Kiersten Gibson-Cooper

Kiersten Gibson-Cooper teaches more tha

Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca

Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca believes in

Gregory Hinton

"My fellowship allowed me to get my foot in the door, have a seat at the table, and obtain a space where my voice could truly be heard. And actions actually followed shortly thereafter.”

Ke Wu

"I see what I do as part of a movement to shift the former mode of education reform by empowering those who work on the front lines and engaging diverse stakeholders in a way that transforms hearts and minds for the betterment of students."

Desiree Sansing

“For now, I am choosing to remain in the classroom, educating future generations of leaders and scholars who will undoubtedly change the field of education for the better.”

I believe that we can assure every child has access to quality educational opportunities in their own neighborhood by adopting equitable policies that bridge the opportunity gap of our diverse student populations.

Adriana Lombard

"Education and education policy needs to be student-centered."

LEE member Fatema Basrai shares how she has developed into a leader in educational equity.

"My concern is that the majority of schools in the U.S. today are preparing students to work in jobs that aren't even there anymore."

Our conversation with Kaya Henderson packs a punch, and not in the way you might assume if you know much about this former Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools.

Driven by the belief — and backed up by studies — that “highly effective educators are the single ingredient most likely to impact student achievement,” Profound Gentlemen provides career support for black male educators so they can, in turn, serve as mentors to boys of color, ultimately improving the students’ social and emotional well-being and increasing their opportunities for success.

Laura Schroeder

Her words inspired Laura to reflect on how she could influence systems that aren’t currently set up for student and community success.

Taylor Toynes with For Oak Cliff students

Returning to teach in his home town of Oak Cliff-Dallas, where the incarcerated far outnumber college graduates, Taylor Toynes quickly realized many of the students in South Oak Cliff lacked even the most basic school supplies. Undaunted, Taylor organized a community-wide response to meet the needs of over 1,000 students.

President Obama signs the Every Student Succeeds Act on December 10, 2015

Join The Leadership Conference Education Fund for the virtual launch on November 29, 2016, at 1 PM ET.

LEE member Acasia Wilson Feinberg is the executive director of [Educators 4 Excellence] in Chicago, where teachers are carrying out an advocacy campaign for more professional development policies.

Dave Hand

LEE member Dave Hand loves data and numbers because he believes they form “the foundation of the stories that we should be telling.”

Erika, a LEE member and elected State Board of Education member, is working diligently to ensure that the needs of all Texas students are at the forefront of the board’s conversations. Erika is able to lean in, bring perspective, and make real change for students in Texas.

Teach to Lead

LEE is pleased to announce that we are a supporter of Commit to Lead, a new online platform for educators to share ideas and commitments for teacher leadership.

Ben Spielberg

According to LEE member Ben Spielberg, making sure every child has the chance to reach their full potential takes a village -- with teachers playing a critical role.

Carlos Leon

On any school day, Carlos Leon (10’) walks into Richard Green Elementary in the Twin Cities as a teacher-leader.

Mal Mrozek

“What do you believe is important to our kids?”

Common Core & Commonsense Can Coincide in NYS

The troubled rollout of the Common Core effort in New York represents a setback in the advance of education reform in the Empire State.