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Sexual Orientation

On June 4, the Mayor of New Carrollton

If you are ready to bring your full self to the table and explore the intersections of your identity to better understand how your experiences and values have paved the way for you to be an elected leader in your community, apply to the LGBTQIA+ Political Leadership Program.

Alaine Jolicoeur

"I am an African-American transgender woman of Haitian descent. I am Jewish, an educator, and unapologetically proud of every aspect of my identity. I cherish my beautiful intersectionality because they define who I am.”

"There were no other outspoken queer voices in the room. I was able to become a voice that wouldn’t otherwise have been there.”

Desiree Sansing

“For now, I am choosing to remain in the classroom, educating future generations of leaders and scholars who will undoubtedly change the field of education for the better.”

Jada Drew

4 tools, tips and practices you’ll learn from listening to this week’s podcast with Jada Drew