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Warren Morgan

LEE member Warren Morgan (TFA St.

LEE member Mary Kingston Roche

An opinion editorial, also known as op-

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Education Candidate Forum with Leadership for Educational Equity

With no incumbents on the ballot for M

Shifting Systems for Equitable Change

LEE prepares equity-minded civic le

Teachers and former teachers are shaping their communities as elected leaders.

Brandon Lewis: All Black boys born in Alabama deserve a high quality education

Brandon Lewis fights for educational equity because he believes that Black boys born in Alabama deserve a high quality education, just like he did.

Accelerate your public policy career w

LEE’s Public Policy Fellowship is a pai

Ryan Smith visits The Leaders' Table

Ryan Smith, executive director of The Education Trust-West, joins LEE for the launch of The Leaders' Table podcast. Ryan riffs with Jason Llorenz on advocacy in a very big state, shares advice for future executive directors, and talks about what it takes to make policy with communities, not for them.

Listen to the Leaders' Table Podcast

Aixle Aman, former chief of staff for LA Unified School District Board Member Ref Rodriguez, joins The #LeadersTablePodcast for a session on getting through the red tape to get things done in policy.

Check out this quick refresher on polic

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Aditya Voleti

“I have always been impressed by the quality of their training and know-how. They offer amazing career coaching. I would not have been able to get a state level position in Pennsylvania without LEE.”

As a fellow working with Chiefs for Change, Julianne partners with 23 active school leaders from across the country, nine at the state level and 14 at the district level.

Robin Pulliam

"The question we need to be asking is how do we provide the right resources to families so that they feel they can support their children through their education."

Jessenia Guerra

Jessenia Guerra will never forget her t

Reggie White

LEE member Reggie White is an educator,

Kyra Mungia

"The system isn’t broken, but rather it is doing exactly what it was designed to do by institutionalizing and perpetuating racial advantage and disadvantage, and unequal distributions of money and power."

Ramiro Flores Turrubiates

“The experience also helped me expand my network and gave me access to professional development with other fellows that allowed me to think deeply about this work."

Jessica Samuel

“When we, as an American society, realize that our collective triumph is contingent upon the individual victories of those most deprived among us, then will equity in education be realized. Everyone has a role in this work.”

Carly Duffy

"All these experiences empowered me to use my voice and experience in the classroom to be an advocate for the students I work with and their families.”

Antonio Pares

Antonio Parés jokes that he married LEE

"I think that education is a way out, if we dedicate the resources to the right policies, principles and practices. I want to be in government because I know we can drive those changes.'

Sarah Manchanda

“After participating in this fellowship, I am truly invigorated in this work and am determined to move forward in pursuing a role in policy that will impact students with disabilities. This shift in my vision came from my experience in the fellowship.”

Gregory Hinton

"My fellowship allowed me to get my foot in the door, have a seat at the table, and obtain a space where my voice could truly be heard. And actions actually followed shortly thereafter.”

Eric Kwak

"I am grateful for the space that this summit created that gave me the opportunity to connect with Asian-American advocates around the country."

Ke Wu

"I see what I do as part of a movement to shift the former mode of education reform by empowering those who work on the front lines and engaging diverse stakeholders in a way that transforms hearts and minds for the betterment of students."

"The perspective of a black, first-generation college graduate, and elected official has been under-represented in the rooms where policy decisions are made."

"I was able to meet people and create relationships that I’ve sustained beyond the workshop, and learned about the different paths and types of impact other leaders are making and ways that I could even potentially join them.”

Dean Drescher

"If no one speaks up, if no one writes the story, if no one asks the question, if no one testifies at the board meeting, or if no one confronts the legislator, students lose out and inequity wins.”

Sana Shaikh

"Ultimately, I want to couple academia, policy, and advocacy to innovate and implement solutions for people of color from low-income backgrounds."

Caitlin Caswell

"My coach asked tough questions, pushed my thinking, and guided me to name my goals for students and for myself. And once she had me identify that vision, she helped me plan concrete steps to reach that goal.”

Selam Gebre

"The Policy Advisor Fellowship helped me get into spaces to do this hard and important work."

Avani Chhaya

"I’m in this fellowship because I believe good policies create an equitable future for all students. And I want to be that policymaker."

Steven Almazan

"People most directly impacted by educational inequity need to collectively work together to design and implement policy strategies and campaigns that can elevate the support of our most vulnerable communities."

Charlotte Nugent

Charlotte Nugent was elected to the

Shawnae Montagueo

"The kids were always and always will be capable. But what do our policies and systems of support say about our expectations of those we deem responsible for their learning?"

“I am confident that I was well-positioned to make meaningful contributions to my new organization because of my participation in the program."

"PASF has opened up my eyes to just the number of opportunities, work that needs to be done, and the people who are crucial in leading this effort."

Chris Gurley

"Through PASF, I was able to make the transition to start effecting the change I want to see."

Lisa Lazare

"I got involved with LEE to tear back the layers of what is causing inequity across racial lines and socioeconomic lines."

Lisa Lazare

"I can see now the different ways that education intersects with politics, and why it’s critical to have voices advocating for students on all levels."

Adriana Lombard

"Education and education policy needs to be student-centered."

Lange Luntao

An APIA elected official asked the room full of participants if they had ever envisioned an Asian-American president before, and no one raised their hands despite everyone in the room being APIA themselves.

Elise Cranston

I get to work as the bridge to the local level to learn more about the experiences of communities, and then share those experiences, challenges and successes with policymakers at the federal level.

Dr. Edward Valandra

Given our colonized status, asserting our educational sovereignty is the antidote for ending educational inequity.

Hoang Murphy

It shouldn’t come down to just one teacher saving a child; we need all adults and systems working together to make sure that every kid gets what they need and deserve.

Annette de la Llana

The LEE Public Leaders Fellowship has transformed the way I see myself as an educator and as a leader.

Jen Baca

"LPLF pushed me to reflect on the role I am playing, and the role I am not playing in ending oppression in my professional and personal life."

Doug Cost

“The work I did during LPLF inspired me to take a closer look at my leadership values, how others view me as a leader, and, finally, to take the time to develop a leadership plan with short- and long-term goals. These were things I needed to reflect on as I interviewed for the role of a lifetime!”

Edith Rahimian

"It wasn’t until I began mentoring a middle school student in Tucson that I recognized the difference that existed between her school and my school, simply because of the zip code. It infuriated me!"

David Lai

"My vision for combating educational inequity involves activating and mobilizing traditionally under-served groups that are most affected by educational inequity."

LEE member Fatema Basrai shares how she has developed into a leader in educational equity.

"I gained a greater feeling of confidence in my ability to do the important work of crafting public policy.”

If you’re looking for a great opportunity to build your skills and network, NPAW may be right for you.

Kerease Epps

Chicago native Kerease Epps knew growing up that the system she was a part of as a Chicago Public Schools student wasn’t one that gave all students a fair chance.

Irene Holtzman

Put your earbuds in and join us as a fly on the wall for Irene’s reflections on her path from 6th-grade teacher to executive director of Friends of Choice in Urban Schools.

Stephanie is inspiring fellow Coloradans to add their voice to the movement to end inequity.

He is a leader on a mission to kill the school to prison pipeline with lessons to share on keeping calm under pressure.

Take note of Pedro’s advice for strengthening your systems-building muscles, how to balance quick wins with long term planning, and more!

Why mentors need not be older than you, and how to find the people who will sustain you personally and professionally.

LEE’s got your next great hire!

As the youngest-ever chair of the Board of Education for the school system where he was once both a student and a teacher, stories of students and the relationships Courtney has with teachers, parents, and community members show up in every policy decision he makes.

Policy Leadership Academy

I found the PLA to be both inspiring and relevant to my leadership development, and I’d highly recommend this program to other policy and advocacy leaders. Here’s why:

Our conversation with Kaya Henderson packs a punch, and not in the way you might assume if you know much about this former Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools.

Jackie’s primary objective as a fellow is to get every state to commit to standing up for equity.

Manny Lamarre

Ever meet a leader whose energy is infectious? Who you can just tell is going places? That’s Manny Lamarre.

Elisa Hoffman

LEE member and Cincinnati School Board member Elisa Hoffman made the most of 2016.

Jaqueline Tucker is working to ensure that her students — and all of the students that come after them — will have passionate people advocating for them, from the classroom to the White House.

Luzelma Canales

What sets Luzelma Canales apart, makes her an example not just for women in leadership, but an example for us all? Her community leaders her.

Laura Schroeder

Her words inspired Laura to reflect on how she could influence systems that aren’t currently set up for student and community success.

Tai Dixon

Tai Dixon of the Children’s Defense on her favorite failures, her strategies for work-free weekends, and why she cautions against listening to too much advice from others — zing!

Jim Shelton — president of education at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, founding executive director of President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, and former deputy secretary of education for the U.S. Department of Education — talks with us about everything from who’s getting it right in education to how he plans his days.

The Leaders’ Table Podcast is a series

Oakland Promise will engage nearly 200,000 children and families to help ensure that all students graduate high school with the expectations, skills, and resources to complete college and be successful in the career of their choice.

Kalima Johnson TFA 25 Headshot

In August 2011, Kalima Johnson left the

Marc Holley

Marc Holley, evaluation unit director at the Walton Family Foundation, reflects on what attracts a foundation’s attention, the case for investing in teachers, and the importance of creating time to ask yourself the big questions in life.

Amy Wilkins

Amy Wilkins — senior fellow for social justice at the College Board talks policy, patience and professional mistakes on Episode 6 of The #LeadersTable.

President Obama signs the Every Student Succeeds Act on December 10, 2015

Join The Leadership Conference Education Fund for the virtual launch on November 29, 2016, at 1 PM ET.

Jada Drew

4 tools, tips and practices you’ll learn from listening to this week’s podcast with Jada Drew

Luis Avila

Luis Avila ignited our hearts and minds talking about the intersection of organizing, policy, & advocacy on this week's #LeadersTablePodcast.

Bruce Leal at TFA 25 Summit

LEE Member Bruce Leal conducted policy research and worked to pass policy to ensure quality education for students who speak English as a second language in Hawaii.

LEE member Stephanie Klupinski's job is to make sure that the dream of a charter school is actually happening in the classroom.

LEE member Acasia Wilson Feinberg is the executive director of [Educators 4 Excellence] in Chicago, where teachers are carrying out an advocacy campaign for more professional development policies.

Dave Hand

LEE member Dave Hand loves data and numbers because he believes they form “the foundation of the stories that we should be telling.”

Erika, a LEE member and elected State Board of Education member, is working diligently to ensure that the needs of all Texas students are at the forefront of the board’s conversations. Erika is able to lean in, bring perspective, and make real change for students in Texas.

Aura Cely

LEE member Aura Cely (TFA San Antonio ’14) is a connector — of people, of resources, of ideas. She believes in the power of organizing to bridge gaps and bring neighbors together, and in making distinct resources to work in tandem and make an even greater impact.

Throughout Chike Aguh’s (New York, ’06) career in education, he has been confronted with policies that don’t serve students. He says “more and more I realized -- to get to the outcomes I want for kids and families, we've got to figure out how we get different policies, get different choices, and -- at times -- get different actors. Chike confronted this issue during his time in the LEE Public Leaders Fellowship (LPLF).

Thu Pham

After three years in the classroom, I w

Mary Roaf

One of the biggest questions I have ask

Barbara Graves-Poller

How one LEE member sees education as a human right's issues and is using her law degree to fight for educational equity.

Policy and Advocacy Summer Fellowship

What one LEE member has to say about the Policy and Advocacy Summer Fellowship

Indira Dammu, second from right, talks with her APIA PLP peers.

A reflection on the LEE 2014 Asian and Pacific Islander Political Leadership Program

What I Never Learned in Graduate School: Reflection on the 2014 LEE Policy and Advocacy Summer Fellowship

Katie Hagan reflects on her experience as a Policy & Advocacy Summer Fellow in 2014.

Urban Leaders Fellowship

Five reasons why you should apply for the Urban Leaders Fellowship.

Policy Leadership Academy

More than 60 LEE members from across the nation converged on Washington, DC for LEE’s 2014 Policy Leadership Academy.

Common Core & Commonsense Can Coincide in NYS

The troubled rollout of the Common Core effort in New York represents a setback in the advance of education reform in the Empire State.