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LEE members from Austin, San Antoni

LEE member Mary Kingston Roche

At LEE, we know that every equity-minde

Five Conditions for Collective Impact in the Workplace

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Community organizing has long been the

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Education Candidate Forum with Leadership for Educational Equity

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Shifting Systems for Equitable Change

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Brandon Lewis: All Black boys born in Alabama deserve a high quality education

Brandon Lewis fights for educational equity because he believes that Black boys born in Alabama deserve a high quality education, just like he did.

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Organizers must work to discover suitable issue to focus on

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Community organizing efforts

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An Organizing Alliance

Reggie White

LEE member Reggie White is an educator,

Carly Duffy

"All these experiences empowered me to use my voice and experience in the classroom to be an advocate for the students I work with and their families.”

Kiersten Gibson-Cooper

Kiersten Gibson-Cooper teaches more tha

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Steven Almazan

"People most directly impacted by educational inequity need to collectively work together to design and implement policy strategies and campaigns that can elevate the support of our most vulnerable communities."

Hoang Murphy

"As much as I care about and am personally invested in ending educational inequity, I know that I can never care more than the parents and students themselves."

Women in Public Leadership Program 2016

“It is important for me to be a connector, organizer and leader in my community to support all students and families on their journey.”

Dr. Edward Valandra

Given our colonized status, asserting our educational sovereignty is the antidote for ending educational inequity.

Hoang Murphy

It shouldn’t come down to just one teacher saving a child; we need all adults and systems working together to make sure that every kid gets what they need and deserve.

Jovanda Warren

When I truly reflected on those teachers, I realized that although I was helped, the majority of my classmates were left behind. This realization lit a fire in me to be a teacher like those I had, but to be that for all students.

All too often, policy happens “to” people instead of “with” them, especially in historically marginalized communities.

Sana Shah

My coach always kept my values and goals at the top of her mind — we both wanted me to find a role that was right for me and my leadership.

Kerease Epps

Chicago native Kerease Epps knew growing up that the system she was a part of as a Chicago Public Schools student wasn’t one that gave all students a fair chance.

An intensive six-month program that builds leadership skills through individualized coaching, consulting and exclusive trainings, the Venture Fund & Fellowship is helping LEE members like Yannell take their civic ventures to the next level — and giving them a chance at up to $100,000 in funding.

ONE Houston scored a big win when the school district was persuaded to change its discipline policies. One Day Magazine asks, 'what's next?'

For LEE member Cymone Card, community organizing may be work that’s often overlooked, but she does it because of the powerful impact organizing can have.

Oakland Promise will engage nearly 200,000 children and families to help ensure that all students graduate high school with the expectations, skills, and resources to complete college and be successful in the career of their choice.

Taylor Toynes with For Oak Cliff students

Returning to teach in his home town of Oak Cliff-Dallas, where the incarcerated far outnumber college graduates, Taylor Toynes quickly realized many of the students in South Oak Cliff lacked even the most basic school supplies. Undaunted, Taylor organized a community-wide response to meet the needs of over 1,000 students.

I was born in Los Angeles, but I grew u

Jasma Jones: Community Organizing Fellow

As a Teach for America corps member in

Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) members are part of a movement of leaders who share an enduring commitment to educational equity and a deep belief in the potential of every child.

Our mission at LEE is to inspire a diverse, enduring movement of leaders to engage civically within their communities to end the injustice of educational inequity.

Leadership for Educational Equity is a nonprofit leadership development organization inspiring & supporting a network of civic leaders to end the injustice of educational inequity.

Kelley Pomis

Kelley Pomis’ career journey is taking her full circle to impact thousands of kids from the east coast to the Rocky Mountain West.

Few would have faulted LEE member Amanda Spoto if she had chosen to spend her Saturday somewhere else.

Carlos Leon

On any school day, Carlos Leon (10’) walks into Richard Green Elementary in the Twin Cities as a teacher-leader.

Mal Mrozek

“What do you believe is important to our kids?”

For LEE members Milagros Barsallo and Veronica Palmer, it all comes down to family.