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I imagine a world where opportunities abound for students regardless of their zip code, socioeconomic status, race, gender, nationality or sexuality. While this is a monumental task, it is certainly not impossible.

Miguel Solis, a LEE member and elected school board member in Dallas, is working diligently to ensure that the needs of all Dallas students are at the forefront of the conversation with other board members.

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Emily Brookhart had no trouble identify

If not you, then who will step up for children across this country. Hear from current members on their experience running for office.

LEE member Fatema Basrai shares how she has developed into a leader in educational equity.

Sana Shah

My coach always kept my values and goals at the top of her mind — we both wanted me to find a role that was right for me and my leadership.

"My concern is that the majority of schools in the U.S. today are preparing students to work in jobs that aren't even there anymore."

Kerease Epps

Chicago native Kerease Epps knew growing up that the system she was a part of as a Chicago Public Schools student wasn’t one that gave all students a fair chance.

Stephanie is inspiring fellow Coloradans to add their voice to the movement to end inequity.

Currently, systems are not set up for all students to succeed. We can change that.

Elisa Hoffman

LEE member and Cincinnati School Board member Elisa Hoffman made the most of 2016.

Amy Wilkins

Amy Wilkins — senior fellow for social justice at the College Board talks policy, patience and professional mistakes on Episode 6 of The #LeadersTable.

Ateira Griffin

If you’re looking for a new role in the next 12 months, LEE has a coach for you.