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Individual Leadership

Soham Sengupta

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Alice Li

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LEE member Mary Kingston Roche

Level Up Your Leadership

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Shifting Systems for Equitable Change

LEE prepares equity-minded civic le

Teachers and former teachers are shaping their communities as elected leaders.

An Organizing Alliance

Keun-woo LEE

“LEE has helped me develop as a leader, process what role I want to have in enacting change, and reflect on how my identity intersects with my work as a teacher and advocate."

Noemi Pavon

Noemi Pavon didn't always think her exp

Jessica Samuel

“When we, as an American society, realize that our collective triumph is contingent upon the individual victories of those most deprived among us, then will equity in education be realized. Everyone has a role in this work.”

Carly Duffy

"All these experiences empowered me to use my voice and experience in the classroom to be an advocate for the students I work with and their families.”

Not sure what your next steps are?

Jacqulyn Whang

Jacqulyn Whang hasn't always believed i

Jeniffer Montaño

Leadership for Educational Equity memb

“The coaching through the Fellowship may have been the most impactful thing when it came to tackling issues as they came up in my work. My coach was able to give resources or new ways of thinking about an issue to find a solution.”

Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca

Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca believes in

Viri Carrizales & Vanessa Luna

“We had an idea, the passion, and determination to support our immigrant community, and LEE helped provide guidance and samples to express and actualize our vision. The courses and support of LEE staff were helpful in providing necessary resources in the early stages of our venture."

Sarah Manchanda

“After participating in this fellowship, I am truly invigorated in this work and am determined to move forward in pursuing a role in policy that will impact students with disabilities. This shift in my vision came from my experience in the fellowship.”

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Alaine Jolicoeur

"I am an African-American transgender woman of Haitian descent. I am Jewish, an educator, and unapologetically proud of every aspect of my identity. I cherish my beautiful intersectionality because they define who I am.”

"There were no other outspoken queer voices in the room. I was able to become a voice that wouldn’t otherwise have been there.”

“In a perfect world, no one will have to look out of their communities to find quality education."

Charlotte Nugent

Charlotte Nugent was elected to the

If not you, then who will step up for children across this country. Hear from current members on their experience running for office.

Every day, students who identify as Asian & Pacific Islander American (APIA) face the injustice of educational inequity in classrooms across the nation. APIA voices are too often silenced or disregarded because of the "model minority" myth and the idea that educational equity is a "black-and-white" issue.

LEE member Fatema Basrai shares how she has developed into a leader in educational equity.

“Until providing the most quality educational experience for all students — regardless of race or class — becomes the priority, we have an immense amount of work to do.” - Samantha Kobbah

Stephanie Perez-Carrillo

"...It was then that I discovered what role I wanted to play on behalf of the communities I represent." - Stephanie Perez-Carrillo

"My concern is that the majority of schools in the U.S. today are preparing students to work in jobs that aren't even there anymore."

An intensive six-month program that builds leadership skills through individualized coaching, consulting and exclusive trainings, the Venture Fund & Fellowship is helping LEE members like Yannell take their civic ventures to the next level — and giving them a chance at up to $100,000 in funding.

He is a leader on a mission to kill the school to prison pipeline with lessons to share on keeping calm under pressure.

Take note of Pedro’s advice for strengthening your systems-building muscles, how to balance quick wins with long term planning, and more!

Policy Leadership Academy

I found the PLA to be both inspiring and relevant to my leadership development, and I’d highly recommend this program to other policy and advocacy leaders. Here’s why:

Our conversation with Kaya Henderson packs a punch, and not in the way you might assume if you know much about this former Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools.

Jackie’s primary objective as a fellow is to get every state to commit to standing up for equity.

Manny Lamarre

Ever meet a leader whose energy is infectious? Who you can just tell is going places? That’s Manny Lamarre.

Elisa Hoffman

LEE member and Cincinnati School Board member Elisa Hoffman made the most of 2016.

Laura Schroeder

Her words inspired Laura to reflect on how she could influence systems that aren’t currently set up for student and community success.

Tai Dixon

Tai Dixon of the Children’s Defense on her favorite failures, her strategies for work-free weekends, and why she cautions against listening to too much advice from others — zing!

 Nicole Baker-Fulgham

Combining her Christian faith and experiences as a teacher and education advocate, Nicole working to close the academic achievement gap by building networks of local congregations.

Oakland Promise will engage nearly 200,000 children and families to help ensure that all students graduate high school with the expectations, skills, and resources to complete college and be successful in the career of their choice.

Aixle Aman, LEE member

At the core of our work at LEE is the f

Four ways to kickstart a meaningful career

As a LEE member, you're always looking for a way to ensure that all children get a chance at receiving an excellent education. But in order to do that, you need the right job that's going to help you make the greatest impact. Here are four ways you can kickstart your career in educational equity.

5 Storytelling Tips That Will Help You Become a Better Leader

Learn how to become a better leader in the fight for educational equity with these five storytelling tips.

I continue to be inspired by our members’ enthusiasm for and dedication to transforming the inequities in educational opportunity that many children in our country face. I am also inspired by our partners’ efforts and everyone working to help all children reach their dreams.

Not all students have the oppor

We are helping to build a diverse movement for educational equity led by and with communities, one that will hold decision-makers accountable and ensure that every child has the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

Our mission at LEE is to inspire a diverse, enduring movement of leaders to engage civically within their communities to end the injustice of educational inequity.

Leadership for Educational Equity is a nonprofit leadership development organization inspiring & supporting a network of civic leaders to end the injustice of educational inequity.

Policy Leadership Academy

More than 60 LEE members from across the nation converged on Washington, DC for LEE’s 2014 Policy Leadership Academy.

LEE’s African American Political Leadership Program

When I arrived in Baltimore for LEE’s African American Political Leadership Program, part of the Diversity in Elected Leadership Series, I often found myself asking “why me?” when it came to running for public office.