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Elected Office

The Diversity in Elected Leadership Ser

On June 4, the Mayor of New Carrollton

Alice Li

Alice Li didn't see herself as an elect

Will Cunningham

LEE member Will Cunningham believes in

Warren Morgan

LEE member Warren Morgan (TFA St.

Jorge Pacheco, Jr.

Our “LEE Members in Office” series

Whether you’re exploring the possibilit

Elected leadership is a lever for syst

Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE)

Noemi Pavon

Noemi Pavon didn't always think her exp

“You may not always see leaders who look like you.

Take a look at the story of LEE member Jason Esteves, a board member for Atlanta Public Schools.

LEE member Tara Murphy Beardsley is an elected member of the Malden School Committee in Massachusetts - watch her story.

Take a look at the story of LEE member Angela Orange, an elected board member for Marietta City Schools in Georgia.

"The perspective of a black, first-generation college graduate, and elected official has been under-represented in the rooms where policy decisions are made."

Cipriano Vargas

“We can only accomplish equity by ensuring people know the issues on the ground and making sure policies are implemented with students and equity at the center. As for my future, I love this role, and I will be helping other leaders get into positions of power to help drive the change.”

Charlotte Nugent

Charlotte Nugent was elected to the

If not you, then who will step up for children across this country. Hear from current members on their experience running for office.

Winford Adams

"My theory of change relies heavily on the idea that my perspective — the perspective of a black, first-generation college graduate, and elected official — has been under-represented in the rooms where policy decisions are made."

I believe that we can assure every child has access to quality educational opportunities in their own neighborhood by adopting equitable policies that bridge the opportunity gap of our diverse student populations.

“If not you, then who?” Melody asks at

Adriana Lombard

"Education and education policy needs to be student-centered."

Tierra Jolly

Tierra Jolly, a sixth-generation Washin

Chelsea Addison

"I believe those who are directly impacted by educational inequity have a unique role in creating the solution."

For more than 20 years, Laura has been leading grassroots social change. Come along with us as we hear about where she’s been and where she’s headed.

As the youngest-ever chair of the Board of Education for the school system where he was once both a student and a teacher, stories of students and the relationships Courtney has with teachers, parents, and community members show up in every policy decision he makes.

Our communities and students need — and

Elisa Hoffman

LEE member and Cincinnati School Board member Elisa Hoffman made the most of 2016.

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson has been described as a “nontraditional choice” for North Carolina state superintendent of public instruction. But that may also be what makes him the right person for the job.

Alejandro Espinoza

"I knew that I needed a quick skill-building lesson in messaging, fundraising and organizing a campaign, and Ready to Run gave me the tools I was looking for. The lessons I learned there propelled my civic engagement back home."

Timothy Abram, II

"Campaign Boot Camp gave me the precise skills that I needed to play a prominent role in a campaign."

Oakland Promise will engage nearly 200,000 children and families to help ensure that all students graduate high school with the expectations, skills, and resources to complete college and be successful in the career of their choice.

Monica Trejo

Growing up in poverty and changing scho

Kalima Johnson TFA 25 Headshot

In August 2011, Kalima Johnson left the

Bruce Leal at TFA 25 Summit

LEE Member Bruce Leal conducted policy research and worked to pass policy to ensure quality education for students who speak English as a second language in Hawaii.

Listen to the Leaders' Table Podcast

Aixle Aman, chief of staff for LA Unified School District Board Member Ref Rodriguez, joins The #LeadersTablePodcast for a session on getting through the red tape to get things done in policy.

What does your ballot look like?

Teachers and former teachers are shaping their communities as elected leaders.

Erika, a LEE member and elected State Board of Education member, is working diligently to ensure that the needs of all Texas students are at the forefront of the board’s conversations. Erika is able to lean in, bring perspective, and make real change for students in Texas.

Miguel Solis, a LEE member and elected school board member in Dallas, is working diligently to ensure that the needs of all Dallas students are at the forefront of the conversation with other board members.

Jonathan Mansoori at LEE's Campaign Boot Camp

LEE's Campaign Boot Camp prepares members for the real world of running election campaigns.

Indira Dammu, second from right, talks with her APIA PLP peers.

A reflection on the LEE 2014 Asian and Pacific Islander Political Leadership Program

Attendees at the LEE Campaign Boot Camp 2014

LEE Member Megan Miraglia was inspired after attending the LEE Campaign Boot Camp 2014

Christine Lloyd

LEE Member Christine Lloyd, on right, participates in LEE’s Women’s Political Leadership Program in Washington, DC.

LEE’s African American Political Leadership Program

When I arrived in Baltimore for LEE’s African American Political Leadership Program, part of the Diversity in Elected Leadership Series, I often found myself asking “why me?” when it came to running for public office.