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Diversity & Equity

On June 4, the Mayor of New Carrollton

About the Diversity in Elected Leaders

Black history is made every day

This Black History Month, we focus on t

Dear LEE members,

Alice Li

Alice Li didn't see herself as an elect

Will Cunningham

LEE member Will Cunningham believes in

For nearly 35 years, the United States

This Women's History Month, we're inspi

This February, we reflect on Black lead

Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month image

Latinx LEE members serve in political

When done right, an effective press rel

Nancy Gutierrez, featured on The Leaders' Table

Nancy Gutierrez is a former teacher and

Ryan Smith visits The Leaders' Table

Ryan Smith, executive director of The Education Trust-West, joins LEE for the launch of The Leaders' Table podcast. Ryan riffs with Jason Llorenz on advocacy in a very big state, shares advice for future executive directors, and talks about what it takes to make policy with communities, not for them.

The digital divide has been undermining

As a fellow working with Chiefs for Change, Julianne partners with 23 active school leaders from across the country, nine at the state level and 14 at the district level.

Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE)

Jessenia Guerra

Jessenia Guerra will never forget her t

Keun-woo LEE

“LEE has helped me develop as a leader, process what role I want to have in enacting change, and reflect on how my identity intersects with my work as a teacher and advocate."

Noemi Pavon

Noemi Pavon didn't always think her exp

Jessica Samuel

“When we, as an American society, realize that our collective triumph is contingent upon the individual victories of those most deprived among us, then will equity in education be realized. Everyone has a role in this work.”

Jacqulyn Whang

Jacqulyn Whang hasn't always believed i

Jeniffer Montaño

Leadership for Educational Equity memb

"I think that education is a way out, if we dedicate the resources to the right policies, principles and practices. I want to be in government because I know we can drive those changes.'

Viri Carrizales & Vanessa Luna

“We had an idea, the passion, and determination to support our immigrant community, and LEE helped provide guidance and samples to express and actualize our vision. The courses and support of LEE staff were helpful in providing necessary resources in the early stages of our venture."

If you are ready to bring your full self to the table and explore the intersections of your identity to better understand how your experiences and values have paved the way for you to be an elected leader in your community, apply to the LGBTQIA+ Political Leadership Program.

“In a perfect world, no one will have to look out of their communities to find quality education."

We believe that to achieve educational equity, we must equip all of our leaders and staff with tools and mindsets to advance equity and dismantle systemic oppression.

Andrew Murphy

"My vision for ending educational inequity, then, is to assist people of color and all underrepresented groups in claiming positions of power, for themselves and their communities."

Lange Luntao

An APIA elected official asked the room full of participants if they had ever envisioned an Asian-American president before, and no one raised their hands despite everyone in the room being APIA themselves.

Dr. Edward Valandra

Given our colonized status, asserting our educational sovereignty is the antidote for ending educational inequity.

Every day, students who identify as Asian & Pacific Islander American (APIA) face the injustice of educational inequity in classrooms across the nation. APIA voices are too often silenced or disregarded because of the "model minority" myth and the idea that educational equity is a "black-and-white" issue.

Jen Baca

"LPLF pushed me to reflect on the role I am playing, and the role I am not playing in ending oppression in my professional and personal life."

"I gained a greater feeling of confidence in my ability to do the important work of crafting public policy.”

“Until providing the most quality educational experience for all students — regardless of race or class — becomes the priority, we have an immense amount of work to do.” - Samantha Kobbah

Stephanie Perez-Carrillo

"...It was then that I discovered what role I wanted to play on behalf of the communities I represent." - Stephanie Perez-Carrillo

"...when LEE came around, they not only helped us chart the path, but they also gave us the rocket fuel we needed to break through the atmosphere.”

Elisa Hoffman

LEE member and Cincinnati School Board member Elisa Hoffman made the most of 2016.

 Nicole Baker-Fulgham

Combining her Christian faith and experiences as a teacher and education advocate, Nicole working to close the academic achievement gap by building networks of local congregations.

Sara Bokhari

In the education world of today, leader

The Leaders’ Table Podcast is a series

Jada Drew

4 tools, tips and practices you’ll learn from listening to this week’s podcast with Jada Drew

Aura Cely

LEE member Aura Cely (TFA San Antonio ’14) is a connector — of people, of resources, of ideas. She believes in the power of organizing to bridge gaps and bring neighbors together, and in making distinct resources to work in tandem and make an even greater impact.

Mary Roaf

One of the biggest questions I have ask

Indira Dammu, second from right, talks with her APIA PLP peers.

A reflection on the LEE 2014 Asian and Pacific Islander Political Leadership Program