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Warren Morgan

LEE member Warren Morgan (TFA St.

We believe our members are capable of i

Teachers and former teachers are shaping their communities as elected leaders.

I imagine a world where opportunities abound for students regardless of their zip code, socioeconomic status, race, gender, nationality or sexuality. While this is a monumental task, it is certainly not impossible.

Accelerate your public policy career w

Ryan Smith visits The Leaders' Table

Ryan Smith, executive director of The Education Trust-West, joins LEE for the launch of The Leaders' Table podcast. Ryan riffs with Jason Llorenz on advocacy in a very big state, shares advice for future executive directors, and talks about what it takes to make policy with communities, not for them.

Listen to the Leaders' Table Podcast

Aixle Aman, former chief of staff for LA Unified School District Board Member Ref Rodriguez, joins The #LeadersTablePodcast for a session on getting through the red tape to get things done in policy.

Robin Pulliam

"The question we need to be asking is how do we provide the right resources to families so that they feel they can support their children through their education."

Kyra Mungia

"The system isn’t broken, but rather it is doing exactly what it was designed to do by institutionalizing and perpetuating racial advantage and disadvantage, and unequal distributions of money and power."

"I think that education is a way out, if we dedicate the resources to the right policies, principles and practices. I want to be in government because I know we can drive those changes.'

LEE members

Emily Brookhart had no trouble identify

Gregory Hinton

"My fellowship allowed me to get my foot in the door, have a seat at the table, and obtain a space where my voice could truly be heard. And actions actually followed shortly thereafter.”

Eric Kwak

"I am grateful for the space that this summit created that gave me the opportunity to connect with Asian-American advocates around the country."

Cipriano Vargas

“We can only accomplish equity by ensuring people know the issues on the ground and making sure policies are implemented with students and equity at the center. As for my future, I love this role, and I will be helping other leaders get into positions of power to help drive the change.”

Desiree Sansing

“For now, I am choosing to remain in the classroom, educating future generations of leaders and scholars who will undoubtedly change the field of education for the better.”

Caitlin Caswell

"My coach asked tough questions, pushed my thinking, and guided me to name my goals for students and for myself. And once she had me identify that vision, she helped me plan concrete steps to reach that goal.”

Selam Gebre

"The Policy Advisor Fellowship helped me get into spaces to do this hard and important work."

“I am confident that I was well-positioned to make meaningful contributions to my new organization because of my participation in the program."

Adriana Lombard

"Education and education policy needs to be student-centered."

Each year, the report recognizes 50 companies whose mission of diversity and inclusion has been reflected in the way they recruit, promote, provide benefits, and create programs for the betterment of their employees.

David Lai

"My vision for combating educational inequity involves activating and mobilizing traditionally under-served groups that are most affected by educational inequity."

LEE member Fatema Basrai shares how she has developed into a leader in educational equity.

Sana Shah

My coach always kept my values and goals at the top of her mind — we both wanted me to find a role that was right for me and my leadership.

“Until providing the most quality educational experience for all students — regardless of race or class — becomes the priority, we have an immense amount of work to do.” - Samantha Kobbah

Stephanie Perez-Carrillo

"...It was then that I discovered what role I wanted to play on behalf of the communities I represent." - Stephanie Perez-Carrillo

"My concern is that the majority of schools in the U.S. today are preparing students to work in jobs that aren't even there anymore."

Kerease Epps

Chicago native Kerease Epps knew growing up that the system she was a part of as a Chicago Public Schools student wasn’t one that gave all students a fair chance.

"...when LEE came around, they not only helped us chart the path, but they also gave us the rocket fuel we needed to break through the atmosphere.”

He is a leader on a mission to kill the school to prison pipeline with lessons to share on keeping calm under pressure.

Take note of Pedro’s advice for strengthening your systems-building muscles, how to balance quick wins with long term planning, and more!

LEE’s got your next great hire!

I wasn’t the dumb kid, I was the dyslexic kid. The way they were teaching me wasn’t the way I learned. Reaching these kids and saving them the heartache is what motivates my work.

As the youngest-ever chair of the Board of Education for the school system where he was once both a student and a teacher, stories of students and the relationships Courtney has with teachers, parents, and community members show up in every policy decision he makes.

Manny Lamarre

Ever meet a leader whose energy is infectious? Who you can just tell is going places? That’s Manny Lamarre.

Tai Dixon

Tai Dixon of the Children’s Defense on her favorite failures, her strategies for work-free weekends, and why she cautions against listening to too much advice from others — zing!

Timothy Abram, II

"Campaign Boot Camp gave me the precise skills that I needed to play a prominent role in a campaign."

Jim Shelton — president of education at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, founding executive director of President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, and former deputy secretary of education for the U.S. Department of Education — talks with us about everything from who’s getting it right in education to how he plans his days.

Sara Bokhari

In the education world of today, leader

The Leaders’ Table Podcast is a series

Kalima Johnson TFA 25 Headshot

In August 2011, Kalima Johnson left the

Luis Avila

Luis Avila ignited our hearts and minds talking about the intersection of organizing, policy, & advocacy on this week's #LeadersTablePodcast.

LEE member Stephanie Klupinski's job is to make sure that the dream of a charter school is actually happening in the classroom.

LEE member Acasia Wilson Feinberg is the executive director of [Educators 4 Excellence] in Chicago, where teachers are carrying out an advocacy campaign for more professional development policies.

Ateira Griffin

If you’re looking for a new role in the next 12 months, LEE has a coach for you.

Dave Hand

LEE member Dave Hand loves data and numbers because he believes they form “the foundation of the stories that we should be telling.”

Erika, a LEE member and elected State Board of Education member, is working diligently to ensure that the needs of all Texas students are at the forefront of the board’s conversations. Erika is able to lean in, bring perspective, and make real change for students in Texas.

Aura Cely

LEE member Aura Cely (TFA San Antonio ’14) is a connector — of people, of resources, of ideas. She believes in the power of organizing to bridge gaps and bring neighbors together, and in making distinct resources to work in tandem and make an even greater impact.

Throughout Chike Aguh’s (New York, ’06) career in education, he has been confronted with policies that don’t serve students. He says “more and more I realized -- to get to the outcomes I want for kids and families, we've got to figure out how we get different policies, get different choices, and -- at times -- get different actors. Chike confronted this issue during his time in the LEE Public Leaders Fellowship (LPLF).

Mary Roaf

One of the biggest questions I have ask

Four ways to kickstart a meaningful career

As a LEE member, you're always looking for a way to ensure that all children get a chance at receiving an excellent education. But in order to do that, you need the right job that's going to help you make the greatest impact. Here are four ways you can kickstart your career in educational equity.

LEE is a diverse team of passionate and