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Avani Chhaya

"I’m in this fellowship because I believe good policies create an equitable future for all students. And I want to be that policymaker."

Hoang Murphy

"As much as I care about and am personally invested in ending educational inequity, I know that I can never care more than the parents and students themselves."

Edith Rahimian

"It wasn’t until I began mentoring a middle school student in Tucson that I recognized the difference that existed between her school and my school, simply because of the zip code. It infuriated me!"

Teach to Lead

LEE is pleased to announce that we are a supporter of Commit to Lead, a new online platform for educators to share ideas and commitments for teacher leadership.

We all know how important it is to take time off to relax and reset -- and hopefully you found some time this summer do just that. But what about taking the time to give back?