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Leadership Team

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Caroline Allen
Vice President, Leadership Development & Design
Caroline is responsible for designing world-class leadership development programs, experiences and courses inspiring LEE members to investigate their values and articulate a theory of change to their leadership journey.
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Michael Buman
Executive Director
Mike is LEE's executive director.
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Steven Francisco
Vice President, Technology
Steven is responsible for imagining, developing and sustaining innovative technologies that power the LEE network to create impact.
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Christine Green
General Counsel & Board Secretary
Christine is responsible for compliance and legal support across all of LEE’s work.
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Sheri Leo
Vice President, Talent, Learning, & Culture
Sheri is responsible for the people strategy and staff experience of more than 150 LEE staff members.
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Jason Llorenz
Vice President, Communications
Jason is responsible for integrating communications, engagement and scaled learning across LEE’s communications channels to strengthen the LEE network and inspire LEE members to action.
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Sarah McLean
Senior Vice President, Partnerships & Infrastructure
Sarah is responsible for LEE’s scalable operations and strategic alignment across national and regional programs to drive the LEE network to impact.
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Jamaal Nelson
Senior Advisor
Jamaal advises and coaches LEE’s leadership team and LEE members on the civic leadership journey and collective impact for kids.
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Mildred Otero
Senior Vice President, National Impact
Mildred is responsible for LEE’s national strategy, designing and developing life-changing civic leadership programs, experiences and tools serving LEE members across the phases of four leadership pathways.
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Terris Ross
Vice President, Policy & Advocacy
Terris is responsible for building the pipeline of leaders working in policy & advocacy, and building LEE members’ knowledge of, and impact on policy.
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Lori Turner
Vice President, Regional Impact
Lori is responsible for supporting and developing LEE member leadership in deep alignment with their community and regional contexts.
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Carl Zaragoza
Vice President, Elected Leadership
Carl is responsible for inspiring LEE members to run for and win elected office.
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Mary Gardner
Director, Regional Impact Indianapolis
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Althea Holford
Director, Regional Impact - National Capital Region
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Yissely Ortiz
Manager, New York Impact
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Alejandro Rodriguez
Director, Nevada Impact
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Melitzi Torres
Manager, Rhode Island Impact
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Barry Tyler
Director, Regional Impact Illinois & NW Indiana