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Podcast: Kaya Henderson on leading so people can soar

"I tell people all the time — the world is waiting for your particular brand of leadership.”

— Kaya Henderson

If you’ve heard previous episodes of The Leaders’ Table, you know we’re on a quest to find out what makes leaders tick.

This week with Kaya Henderson (TFA New York ’92), we cut right to the heart of it.

Our conversation with Kaya packs a punch — and not in the way you might expect if you know much about this former Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools.

Kaya’s one of those rare leaders who’s willing to go there, get deep and share not only how she measures her own personal and professional success, but how her favorite mistakes have shaped her leadership.

That’s authentically Kaya.

Tune in for tips, tricks, insights and stories from Kaya Henderson and other education changemakers. #LeadersTablePodcast

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