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Podcast: Delia Pompa on finding your guiding principles and working for children across decades of political waves

There should be no crushing disappointments in policy. The disappointments I have experienced made me want to work harder, find more allies and more information to move forward.”

— Delia Pompa

Delia Pompa is a leader whose unique “strength in quietude” has helped her build and sustain a widely respected, multi-decade advocacy career across multiple political waves.

She has been a voice for children and families from inside both venerable advocacy organizations and government, including the National Council of La Raza, the Texas Education Agency, and most recently, the Migration Policy Institute.

3 insights you’ll gain from Delia:

  • What has changed about being a woman in policy and what lessons she wouldn’t have recognized 10 years ago.
  • Why mentors need not be older than you, and how to find the people who will sustain you personally and professionally.
  • How long-term lists can keep you going, and why adding is just as satisfying as crossing off.

Tune in for tips, tricks, insights and stories from Delia Pompa and other education changemakers. #LeadersTablePodcast

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