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INFOGRAPHIC: Breaking down power

What do the Civil Rights Movement, March for Our Lives, and #FixtheGap in Baltimore schools have in common?

They all came about because a determined group of organized people identified who held power — including policymakers, industries, and the members of the community they lived in —  and leveraged their knowledge of the breakdown of power to drive change. 

To create change, you need to understand who the players are in your community and what kind of influence they have. 

Without power, change can feel — and is — impossible. Power builds change. 

Would you like to build power in your community?

In the past year, LEE has helped countless members — just like yourself — translate their skills and experience in the classroom into real impact for students and families. For some, that means career coaching and support, for others — resume review or making connections with a local organization’s hiring team. 

To get started — tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re interested in and we’ll help guide you through the next steps to find a role that could help you make a huge impact for students and families.