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Eva Colen: Connecting the policy dots for educational equity

“We have the opportunity to change laws, and we can put in policies that work better for communities and kids.”

Meet LEE member Eva Colen, who worked on drafting legislation and building community support to bring Teach For America to schools in Virginia.

Eva spent her time in Virginia communities working with parents and families, “trying to figure out why the education system was the way it was.” This prompted her to focus on the history of education policy in Virginia, from Jim Crow to desegregation, to present decisions that have directly impacted equity within schools.

In 2013, Eva participated in LEE’s Emerging Public Leaders Fellowship. Currently, she is an Education Advocacy Fellow with 50CAN and a 2017 LEE Venture Fellow. As a Venture Fellow, she is working to develop her organization, VirginiaCAN, to expand the impact of educational equity through policy and advocacy.