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Find Your Office

Have you ever wondered what offices might be up for election in the next cycle?

Whether you’re exploring the possibility of running for office or just interested in the elections that are coming up in your area, knowledge is power. That’s why LEE created Pinpoint, a tool we use as a part of our own strategic planning to create change across the whole country.

Pinpoint is a compilation of research that we’ve done on elected offices around the country. Although it’s not exhaustive of every possible elected office opportunity – there are over 500,000 offices after all – it’s a great place to start your research.

You can search for an “opportunity” by your location or keyword. We call them “opportunities” because every election is an opportunity to impact educational equity – by seeking office or by making sure an equity leader is in that seat! 

To use:

  1. Search your local address or city name to find the offices that are up for election in the next cycle.
  2. In the list of results, you can click on the opportunity to learn more, including the next election date, the filing deadline, the boundaries map, and more.
  3. Find a race that catches your eye? We’d love to chat about it! Connect with your LEE Regional Contact, found on your Member Homepage.