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    Why Work Here?
    We have a diverse, inclusive and collaborative work environment that encourages creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit and the professional growth of each team member.

Our Team

Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) is comprised of talented, passionate people who are ready to lead in innovative ways that make a difference. Each of us is committed to working together to end educational inequity nationwide.

Our Culture and Values

Meaningful Impact
We work to meaningfully and measurably ensure that all children have the opportunity to attain an excellent education and achieve their potential. We understand there is no single set of solutions that will work in every community. We encourage our members to critically engage and develop impactful, thoughtful solutions. Ultimately, our guiding question is, “How will this create life-changing opportunities for all children in our communities?”

Member Driven
We exist to help our members have the greatest possible impact on opportunities available to children in their communities. Our programming, resources and strategies are designed to increase the engagement and effectiveness of our members working at all levels to pursue educational equity.

Achieving educational equity requires bold solutions from informed and purposeful leaders grounded in the experience of teaching in low-income communities and the deep belief in the potential of all children. We believe that when our members reach positions of influence, they will help to change policies to ensure all children can receive an excellent education.

Collective Action
All of us have a role to play in achieving educational equity and our impact will be greater if we are organized and connected. We help our members to build power and amplify their collective voice. We also work to connect our members with partners in the broader movement for educational equity.

All Voices
We will succeed in our mission only if we actively engage all of our members and work side by side with communities to bring the full diversity of solutions and perspectives to these challenges. In particular, we actively seek the voices of the individuals who share the racial and economic backgrounds of students most impacted by pervasive inequality, because they can bring an essential perspective to education policymaking that has traditionally been under-represented.

Continuous Learning
As a young organization, we operate with an entrepreneurial spirit, learn from our experiences and continuously improve. As we work to build the leadership capacity of our members and their impact, we operate with a sense of urgency and an emphasis on action and learning.

Staff Testimonials

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Peter Nalli
Director, Regional Impact
Working at LEE means that you are working to activate a diverse, thoughtful, intelligent and inspirational group of individuals to change the world. There is tremendous pleasure in supporting the leadership of people who are committed to social justice and to continuing to act on the values that led them to join Teach For America in the first place. #WhyLEE
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Sally Mayes
Director, Advocacy and Organizing
Working at LEE enables me to do work that I love with passionate, smart people. It also allows me to travel to amazing places around the country, and when I'm home, I can work in my sweats. #Lovemyjob
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Sarah Cusick
Director, Leadership Development and Coaching
All famiLEE members live out our core values each and every day—from truly embracing continuous learning in a willingness to try and learn from new things, to being member driven in every goal set and program planned. Our members are inspiring, and it is energizing to know everyone else at LEE is working equally hard to develop the leadership of our base so we can see real change for kids. #WhyLEE

Current Openings

Los Angeles, CA

The Associate, Talent Administration will support work related to talent administration and development, including hiring paperwork, onboarding new staff members, New Hire Orientation, and administrative support related to internal staff development.

Denver, CO

LEE seeks a Coordinator to support the Elected Leadership team. The Coordinator, Elected Leadership will manage logistical, operational and communication details and will directly support the team's senior leaders.


The Manager, Advancement and Development supports LEE members’ knowledge and skill development to attain and advance in high-impact public leadership roles.


The Director of Regional Partnerships for the Policy & Advocacy Team works with and supports LEE members to influence the development and implementation of education policies by identifying high-impact professional opportunities and coaching members.


The Director, Supporter Relations Strategic Priorities will manage a set of donor portfolio accounts to grow our donor base, advance the donor experience, and increase donor satisfaction.

Bay Area, CA

The Coordinator is responsible for helping to plan and execute a set of leadership development trainings, workshops and fellowships focused on diversity, equity and inclusion and generating interest and demand for LEE programs.


The Director, Campaign Staff Development will develop and execute the strategic plan for the Campaign Staff Development team and will develop a pipeline of LEE members to staff member campaigns and provide in-depth coaching.

Washington, DC

The Coordinator, Organizing Leadership will support the Vice President and will manage logistical, operational, communication, and technical details for the Organizing Leadership team.

Chicago, IL

The Coordinator will support the operations and logistics of the Regional Impact team and will be a key participant in special projects, research and material creation, including the creation of resources for building and developing LEE membership.


The Manager of Candidate Fundraising Development is responsible for supporting the fundraising efforts of LEE members interested in pursuing elected leadership and will support a portfolio of candidates.


The Senior Director, National Programs will manage a team who design, run and evaluate national leadership development programs.

Denver, CO

The Manager, Candidate Ready Development will exert the leadership necessary to cultivate a conviction for elected leadership and develop effective candidates for electoral office across the United States.

New York, NY

The Law Clerk internship provides law students committed to educational equity the opportunity to support a mission-driven, leadership development organization while developing in-house legal skills. We are hiring Law Clerks for Summer and Fall 2016.

Houston, TX

The Regional Director will be charged with building a movement that leverages the collective strengths of our members to achieve educational equity for all children in Houston.


The Director is responsible for overseeing a set of programs and staff to inspire, develop and increase the number of LEE members successfully pursuing and serving in public leadership roles with a particular emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Memphis, TN

The Regional Director will be charged with building a movement that leverages the collective strengths of our members to achieve educational equity for all children in Memphis.

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