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  • When Work Works Award Recipient 2016
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    Why Work Here?
    We have a diverse, inclusive and collaborative work environment that encourages creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit and the professional growth of each team member.

Our Team

Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) is comprised of talented, passionate people who are ready to lead in innovative ways that make a difference. Each of us is committed to working together to end educational inequity nationwide.

Our Culture and Values

Meaningful Impact
We work to meaningfully and measurably ensure that all children have the opportunity to attain an excellent education and achieve their potential. We understand there is no single set of solutions that will work in every community. We encourage our members to critically engage and develop impactful, thoughtful solutions. Ultimately, our guiding question is, “How will this create life-changing opportunities for all children in our communities?”

Member Driven
We exist to help our members have the greatest possible impact on opportunities available to children in their communities. Our programming, resources and strategies are designed to increase the engagement and effectiveness of our members working at all levels to pursue educational equity.

Achieving educational equity requires bold solutions from informed and purposeful leaders grounded in the experience of teaching in low-income communities and the deep belief in the potential of all children. We believe that when our members reach positions of influence, they will help to change policies to ensure all children can receive an excellent education.

Collective Action
All of us have a role to play in achieving educational equity and our impact will be greater if we are organized and connected. We help our members to build power and amplify their collective voice. We also work to connect our members with partners in the broader movement for educational equity.

All Voices
We will succeed in our mission only if we actively engage all of our members and work side by side with communities to bring the full diversity of solutions and perspectives to these challenges. In particular, we actively seek the voices of the individuals who share the racial and economic backgrounds of students most impacted by pervasive inequality, because they can bring an essential perspective to education policymaking that has traditionally been under-represented.

Continuous Learning
As a young organization, we operate with an entrepreneurial spirit, learn from our experiences and continuously improve. As we work to build the leadership capacity of our members and their impact, we operate with a sense of urgency and an emphasis on action and learning.

When Work Works

LEE is honored to be selected for the 2016 When Work Works Award recipient, which  acknowledges how LEE’s commitment to employee health, well-being, and engagement is supporting our mission to end educational inequity! Read more on the blog.

Staff Testimonials

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Lildella Douglas
Manager, Regional Impact
Working at LEE allows me to do the work I am passionate about in a collaborative environment. We truly believe that all children deserve a fair chance. I am inspired by the talent of my colleagues and the grit of our members. I am grateful to be a part of the team.
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Nia Lewis
Coordinator, Leadership Development & Design
Leadership for Educational Equity has provided me the opportunity to truly merge my passions with my work. The exposure that I have received in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in both member facing and internal practices, has been invaluable in my professional long term growth.
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Sarah Cusick
Director, Leadership Development and Coaching
All famiLEE members live out our core values each and every day—from truly embracing continuous learning in a willingness to try and learn from new things, to being member driven in every goal set and program planned. Our members are inspiring, and it is energizing to know everyone else at LEE is working equally hard to develop the leadership of our base so we can see real change for kids. #WeAreLEE

Current Openings


The Coordinator will manage the logistical, operational, and communications details for the entire Regional Impact team and directly support the team’s Vice President and senior leadership.

Denver, CO

The User Experience Team within the Technology team seeks an Email Manager to manage and execute LEE’s national, regional, and team-based email campaigns and strategies to engage over 35,000+ LEE members.

Denver, CO

The Senior Director will be responsible for developing and executing the strategic plan of the Elected Leadership Development team and will work closely with the Vice President, Elected Leadership (EL) and the EL leadership team.


The Director will work to design and deliver high-impact policy and advocacy programs and fellowships to refine the policy content and advocacy knowledge and skills of our members in entry, mid- and senior-level policy and advocacy leadership positions.

Washington, DC

The Director, Supporter Relations is responsible for planning, developing, and maintaining a comprehensive national development program on behalf of LEE and to enhance the mission and vision of the organization.


LEE is seeking a cohort of 2-3 seasoned executive coaches to support diversity, equity and inclusion and change management learning and development of individual leaders of the Leadership Team (LT).


LEE is seeking a seasoned executive coach and facilitator to support LEE’s leadership team to collectively to strengthen their diversity, equity and inclusion practices and lead change management within the organization.


LEE is hiring a part-time organizational ombudsperson to work with staff to assist them in determining options to resolve conflicts, problematic issues and concerns and to bring systemic concerns to the attention of the organization.

Bay Area, CA

The Director, Leadership Development and Design (LDD) will serve as Chief of Staff to the Vice President, LDD. They will help develop the team’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategies and goals and help manage team goals, impact and performance.


The Director, Diversity and Equity Leadership Development serves on the Leadership Development and Design (LDD) team and works to design and deliver leadership development experiences for members and staff focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).


The Senior Director, Talent Development and Inclusion partners closely with LEE teams to work on a range of talent-related learning and development initiatives aimed at driving and fostering a high-performing, diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture.


The Director, Talent Strategy + Engagement partners with LEE departments to build a strong, engaged culture, increase cultural competence and dexterity, and monitor and assess our ability to live our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion principles.

New York, NY

The Coordinator, Office of the Executive Director (OED) will report to the Chief of Staff and support administration, communications and special projects for the OED team.


The Senior Director, Organizing Leadership (Chief of Staff) supports the overall management of the OL department, which works to inspire, develop and make our members more effective in ending educational inequity.


The Coordinator, Alliances will manage the logistical, operational and communication details for the entire Alliances team, with a special focus on supporting the Vice President, Alliances.


LEE seeks an entrepreneurial, strategic leader to serve as our Regional Director, Metro Atlanta. The RD will be charged with building a movement toward educational equity with our 950+ members in Atlanta.

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