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Your dream job does exist

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Emily Brookhart had no trouble identifying her passion for social work. But when she was knee-deep in her master’s of social work program, she was struggling with the “what’s next” question. And that was when she decided to explore her options with LEE career coaching.

With the help of a LEE career coach with a similar background, Emily was able to envision the practical applications of her degree in the education space.

“[My career coach] understood how the skills and perspective I was learning in grad school directly applied to work in both education and policy and could help me seek work that made use of those skills while adhering to my values and ideals.”

Coaching pushed Emily to refine her resume, develop her cover letter, update her LinkedIn profile, and explore all possible options. With her career coach, Emily explored her theory of change, the kind of work she wanted to do, the various organizations where she could work, and what felt like the right next step.

“Having someone to assign me homework and who scheduled next sessions by which to complete them made me actually get all that stuff done.”

Emily also had a thought partner, level-setter, and cheerleader in her career coach. After a self-defined “freak-out,” Emily’s career coach helped her realize the power of “no.” No to a job she didn’t really want. No to rushing her decision-making. And no to saying “yes” to the first thing that came her way.

Emily landed her dream job well before graduation. A job that she wouldn’t have even applied to without the work she did with her career coach on positioning her skills and knowing her worth. She even negotiated for a 10% boost from the initial offer and a month to decompress after graduation before starting her new job.

“I am so incredibly grateful to my coach for her time, guidance, and help. And I'm especially grateful to LEE as an organization for offering this service to its members.”

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