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Why We’re Making A Bet on Leadership

  • Aixle Aman, LEE member
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    David Walter Banks

At the core of our work at LEE is the fundamental belief that educational inequity is a solvable problem. That not only does every child deserve an outstanding education, but that we as a society have the power to actually make it happen.

Some say it’s unlikely. We say: we just need the right people leading the charge.

That’s why we’re making a bet on leadership. In fact, we’re making a bet on you. 

We believe that when our members are organized and reach positions of leadership, they’ll serve as a transformative force for students, communities and the broader movement for educational equity.

Your time in the classroom has revealed root causes of racial and socioeconomic inequality that affect a student’s education in countless ways. But it has also inspired you to do something about it.

Our leadership development programming is designed to maximize your impact on behalf of children in your community and beyond.

It is our aim to develop leaders who are:

VisionaryVisionary. You have a clear idea of the kind of change you want to make, and you have big plans for how to make it happen.

StrategicStrategic. You make critical decisions based on careful evaluation of evidence, and you take on challenges systematically.

Community-drivenCommunity-driven. You build power through relationships with diverse groups in your community to foster a collective voice for change.

Reflective and self-awareReflective and self-aware. Your personal experiences inform your work. You know how to leverage your strengths, and you continuously strive to grow.

Values-drivenValues-driven. You have the confidence to take risks and make difficult decisions that are rooted in your conviction for what is best for students and families.

With leaders like you at the heads of our communities, we’re willing to bet that educational equity isn’t just a pipedream—it’s an inevitable reality.

Follow along in this five-part series to meet LEE members who embody the characteristics of great leaders.

  • Sanford Johnson (Mississippi, 2003), a visionary working to make Mississippi first in the nation in education
  • A strategic thinker (coming soon)
  • A community-builder (coming soon)
  • An introspective leader (coming soon)
  • A values-driven problem-solver (coming soon)

Ready to start your own leadership journey or continue forging your path? Visit your member homepage to find resources like career services, trainings and workshops to help you make an impact and achieve your goals.

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