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Why teachers lead

Why should teachers lead? LEE member Paymon Zarghami, board member with the San Jose Unified School district, puts it this way:

"Nothing beats having the personal experience of working with children and working with families who are battling the extra challenges of poverty and seeing the progress they're making in the classroom. Nothing beats that perspective in terms of the contributions one can make to policy, to decisions, to budget allocations on a school board.

Educators know [this] inherently by what they do in the classroom every single day. They are the core of who makes the best type of elected official out there. They are builders of people that know what it takes to bring people together to achieve a common goal."

As LEE member Eric Isham Leslie of the Michigan Board of Education explains, “too often the policies are being made by the people who don’t have that experience.” That’s why LEE members across the country are stepping up to lead in elected office---bringing their classroom experience to state houses and education boards across the country. 

Teachers bring their unique perspective and passion for educational equity to corridors of power and lead in a way that truly puts children and families first. LEE believes in the transformational leadership that teachers provide. As LEE member Tierra Jolly of the District of Columbia Board of Education argues, “if you don’t do it, then who else will?

The Candidate Ready Development team at Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) works with LEE members like these to provide coaching through an individualized curriculum of competencies to get them ready to become powerful elected leaders.

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