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What makes a LEE leader?

We’re ready to make a bet on you.

Our core work is to develop, inspire, and support a network of civic leaders to end the injustice of educational inequity. In short, we’re making a bet on leadership. 

There’s no single set of solutions that will work for every community. Which is why we aim to inspire and support civic leaders—like you—to work for change that reflects and responds to the needs of students & families in their communities. 

We believe that when equity leaders are organized and reach positions of impact, you will serve as a transformative force for students, families, communities, and the broader movement for educational equity. 

By joining this network of civic leaders, LEE will help you see yourself as a leader who is:


Informed by your direct experience, you will have a clear and compelling long-term vision for the impact you want to have with students, families, and your community on equity.


Committed to long-term, systemic progress and working towards your vision. You will make critical decisions and address challenges in a way that reflects a sustained commitment to equity.


Valuing the experiences and leadership of the students, families, and communities you serve, you will build power through relationships with diverse groups to foster a collective voice for change.

Reflective & self-aware

Examining your identity and leadership experiences to leverage your strengths, understand how it impacts your judgement and relationships in your work, and address key areas of growth through ongoing reflection and development.


With the confidence to take risks and make difficult decisions that are rooted in your values, vision for impact, long-term strategy, and understanding of your community.

Whether it’s through collective action, a career in policy, advocacy, or organizing, or running for office — Leadership for Educational Equity is ready to maximize your impact in your fight for equity.

Ready to bet on yourself?