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Three reasons to attend the National Policy & Advocacy Workshop

My name is Khloe Scurry (TFA Dallas– Fort Worth ’12), as an emerging leader in education policy and advocacy, I believe that it is important for diverse leaders to keep advancing in our careers. I attended LEE's National Policy & Advocacy Workshop (NPAW) last year, and I strongly encourage my fellow emerging leaders to apply to this year’s workshop in Boston.​

Not convinced? Here are three reasons I found the NPAW experience valuable — and why I’d recommend that others apply, too:

1. You will gain skills to advocate for strategic change, regardless of where you are in your career.

Working in a big district, I thought that I needed to make a career switch in order to enact education policy change. However, the workshop helped me unpack the policy skills I already had. I learned how to leverage my influence in my current position to research best practices, provide specific and transformative policy suggestions, and partner in writing policy for a core reform district initiative in Dallas.

2. You will connect to a national network of peers and mentors that will support you.

At the NPAW, I was able to have open and sincere conversations with a host of peers involved in various levels of policy and advocacy work across the nation. Through these formal and informal interactions, I networked in a genuine way and was able to learn even more about the landscape, from what was happening at the state level in Arizona, to what parent advocacy looked like in Boston.

Additionally, I spoke with those who had my dream jobs, and even secured a career coach who has been instrumental in helping me map out my next steps and career goals.

3. You will sharpen your focus.

Walking into the NPAW, I was very unsure about what was next for me. By learning about the various paths I could take to enact change, the workshop inspired me to stay committed to my education policy goals and ambitions. Utilizing resources provided at the workshop, I have been able to explore various avenues, and have since defined a clear path for how I will create change in the education policy and advocacy world.

If this sounds like an opportunity that is right for you, apply today.