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Supporting students and families through organizing

  • Women in Public Leadership Program 2016

After seeing a student that she loved fall through the cracks of the system, Hailey Shea McClure refused to sit back. The experience fueled an anger in her that drives her work and commitment to educational inequity.

Hailey ended up moving back home to Colorado, where she decided to pursue a career in community organizing and applied for the Community Organizing Fellowship (COF), a full-time, paid organizing fellowship that partners LEE members with high-impact community organizing networks to build power and make change within their communities.

“My days fluctuate between outreach, strategy, planning, meetings, and follow up in pursuit of securing adequate and equitable funding for all students in Colorado. Recently, I drove three hours east to twin towns in rural Colorado to tour schools, talk with students, meet with leaders, and celebrate rural advocacy at the state house.”

The ability to reach a broader swath of students and be a support system is what drives Hailey forward.

“While teaching, I have experienced the success of assisting students on their individual journey to and through college. I have also witnessed the obstacles that remain in their path when they exit my classroom. Community organizing is a tool that allowed me to engage with students and families in an effort to remove these barriers and empower others to achieve success on their terms.”

For Hailey, it is about being able to make a real difference in the lives of the people she works with.

“It is important for me to be a connector, organizer, and leader in my community to support all students and families on their journey.”

If you want to advance educational equity, apply now to be a Community Organizing Fellow in 2018. To learn more about the COF, sign up for an information session.

Hailey Shea McClure was a Teach For America 2014 corps member in Connecticut.