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Special Episode: A Leadership Salon with Dr. John B. King Jr.

Former U.S. Secretary of Education Dr. John B. King Jr. joined LEE’s final virtual forum of 2020 for a special conversation surrounding the state of the nation’s education system on the brink of political change. Featuring questions from LEE members, Dr. King offered inspiring ideas for moving forward with a new presidential administration and a vision for the future - focused on equity, technology, and leadership. Dr. King was also a guest on The Leaders’ Table earlier this year, so be sure to check out his full episode titled, “Importance of Second Chances”!

Words of Wisdom: "One version of that history is: ‘There was Covid and there was a crisis. The vaccine came, people went back to how it was before, and society continued to be deeply divided along the lines of race and class, and inequities and inequality grew and undermined the long term health and well-being of the society.’ I hope that together we can read a history that rejects that. The other version is: ‘Covid was a moment of real change in our society... Covid was a moment where people came away and thought about how deeply interconnected we are.’"


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