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Serving on a D.C. Public School Local School Advisory Team

LEE Member Priya Cook currently serves on her neighborhood school’s Local School Advisory Team (LSAT). She lives in D.C.’s Mt. Pleasant neighborhood and serves on the Bancroft Elementary School LSAT. Read more about her experience and advice to future LSAT members.

Are you interested in taking the next steps to serve on your LSAT? Most LSATs form in May or June, so take some time to explore opportunities for next year. You can start by logging in to see our LSAT learning modules.


Priya, why did you decide to serve in the first place?

Budgets are moral documents, and Bancroft’s is one that affects my own community directly. I wanted to learn more about whether and how DC Public Schools follows through on its spoken commitments, and understand the decisions made by my neighborhood school leaders and community members.

What has been your proudest moment on the LSAT so far?

We haven’t had many dramatic moments thus far, and I’ve been in learning and listening mode this year. But, I’ve been glad to get connected with the citywide LSAT Collective, and share insights and best practices from peers with the Bancroft LSAT.

What advice would you give to people considering serving on their local LSAT?

Serving on your LSAT is a tangible way to ensure equitable investment of public resources, get a window into the true priorities of your school leaders, stay informed about underlying conditions that drive other school-based decisions, and learn more about funding for public education in DC. As a new LSAT member, don’t be afraid to ask big questions about the way LSAT info is presented, decisions are made, and transparency is maintained - these can improve your school’s practices and community and parent engagement more broadly. You can join the LSAT Collective even as an interested community member to learn more. Be kind to each other and tough on the issues!



Are you inspired to serve this year? Check out LEE’s self-paced, online learning module about LSATs. The brief module will give you an overview of LSATs, how they function, how volunteers like you can get involved, and then help you identify where you specifically can plug in.

LEE Staff have been meeting and working with LSATs in a number of ways. If serving on an LSAT sounds interesting to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to David Whitehead at

“In this #COVIDyear and virtual life, the LSAT has been an important point of connection for me to our neighborhood school... in a year that has both underscored and exacerbated inequities in the District.”