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Running for Elected Office: Eshé Collins

Eshé Collins: Atlanta, GA

When Eshé Collins decided to run for the Board of Atlanta Public Schools, she was responding to an outcry for leadership. She wanted to ensure that parents in Atlanta weren’t faced with the same decision that her mother was for her when she was in grade school.

“My mother struggled to find great schools for us. We never went to our neighborhood school because it was not a great school. I decided to run for the Atlanta Board of Education because I wanted to make sure that no family was forced to make the decisions on great schools and great educations like my mother did when I was growing up.”

Eshé shares that LEE supported her in understanding what it takes to run a successful campaign and provided the support staff and resources to get her campaign underway. LEE coaches helped her overcome her self doubt and answered questions every step of the way.



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