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Policy Advisor Fellow Masha Stine leads on initiative to recruit & retain teachers of color

Fellow: Masha Stine

Host: Boston Public Schools

Project: Equity in the School District Environment

As the Policy Advisor Fellow for Boston Public Schools, Masha Stine’s work focused on the recruiting, hiring and retaining of teachers of color and the creation of a collection of district efforts and programs geared towards.

One of the main initiatives was the Inaugural BPS Mediation Program, created in order to maintain and improve employee relationships while lowering costs and prevent future disputes. 

In her role as a PAF, she drove the grant application to fund the program, the creation of promotional materials, and the creation of an evaluation plan to understand program progress. Throughout the work, she deepened her skills around data production/collection/analysis, fostering relationships, and developing her equity mindset.

“In order for change to happen at the District Level teacher and student voice need to be elevated, numbers and data drive change, and district and school leader relationships are essential,” explains Masha.

She found the experiences she had during the fellowship, including writing and applying for a federal grant, drafting policy for the district, researching best practices to influence policy, working across departments to achieve goals and collaborating with outside organizations, to be vital. 

“PAF has given me invaluable resources to make a lasting impact in my classroom by making a lasting impact outside of the classroom,” she shares.

After leading the creation of the first mediation program for BPS employees as a PAF, she plans to stay in the classroom for now. However, she doesn’t rule out a role at the district or state level. She is excited “to maintain the connection between the district policy and the classroom” as a teacher. “I really enjoy the systemic state of mind and making connections to bring people together to make decisions while staying close to the ground.”

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