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Podcast: Ryan Smith on the future of the equity movement

  • Ryan Smith visits The Leaders' Table

"We're starting to see more people band together under the umbrella of equity. Students of color are the majority of students in California, so equity is no longer a periphery issue. Equity is THE issue."
— Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith, executive director of The Education Trust-West, joins LEE for the launch of The Leaders' Table podcast. Ryan riffs with Jason Llorenz on advocacy in a very big state, shares advice for future executive directors, and talks about what it takes to make policy with communities, not for them.

Here’s what you’ll get from this episode:

  • Ryan on why the most important quality in a leader is the ability to hold steady
  • Ryan’s guidance on using bright spot data
  • Where to find the intersection of Black Lives Matter and Black Minds Matter
  • How to set up programs to welcome, engage and involve families
  • Insight from the Ed Trust-West on what is happening for English language learners in California
  • What Ryan listens to during his morning workout to get him primed to lead the day

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