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Podcast: Manny Lamarre on how his students inform his work on education and workforce innovation

  • Manny Lamarre

“Poor outcomes start and end with inequity in the education system.”

— Manny Lamarre

Ever meet a leader whose energy is infectious? Who you can just tell is going places?

That’s Manny Lamarre (TFA Miami-Dade ’09).

As executive director of the newly created Nevada Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation, Manny stands at the intersection of workforce development, education and equity in a state that was hard hit by the last recession.

Manny’s got a dream job at the cutting edge of policy, but what’s even more exciting is imagining what lies ahead for him and the communities he serves.

Sky’s the limit when you’re on a rocketship!

Jason Llorenz asked Manny how he gained the experience to land his role.

Jason: You’re a good example of maximizing fellowship opportunities for growth. Can you talk about that a little bit?

Manny: One day I want to write a blog about grown-up fellowships and how they open opportunities! I really believe in the power of fellowships, not just because of my own experience but from my peers’ as well. Especially when we think about fellowships in the context of equity, they provide you access where you otherwise would not have had the opportunity.

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