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Podcast: Luzelma Canales on why advocates should look South to change education

  • Luzelma Canales

"When you have school districts that are being led by leaders that are part of that community, they have an awesome responsibility to serve because it's like they're serving their cousins, their brothers, their sisters. It's like an extended family. We take all the assets of our culture and translate into a very different type of leadership that is morally obligated and has a passion for moving beyond themselves and doing what's right for our community."

— Luzelma Canales

Luzelma Canales is a powerhouse of an advocate.

As Executive Director of RGV FOCUS, she knows her data inside out and upside down. She distils complicated policy issues for any audience. She facilitates sessions like a magician and bringing partners on board is easy as pie.

But what sets her apart, makes her an example not just for women in leadership, but an example for us all?

Her community leads her. Listen to learn how.

Jason Llorenz asked Luzelma for reflections on a career of collective impact and what she’d like young leaders to know.

Jason: What advice would you give to your 24-year-old self?

Luzelma: I think the biggest thing that I would say is: don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. It took me 15-20 years to “lean in”. I would lean in for others but not for myself. Because of it, I think it took me longer to get to the place where I am now. But, that being said, I have no regrets, because everything that I’ve done and the time it took me to get here prepared me for what I’m now doing.

Tune in for tips, tricks, insights and stories from Luzelma Canales and other education changemakers. #LeadersTablePodcast

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