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Podcast: Jada Drew on inspiring leaders toward diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Jada Drew

“Building a career that's connected to your passion and lifestyle is about writing it down and making it plain, and also creating a plan. I went out of my way and took leaps to volunteer, to gain different experiences, to step outside of my comfort zone as much as possible, and that set me up in this space of where I am today."

— Jada Drew

Jada Drew — international diversity trainer, lead consultant and owner of Social Designs — joins Episode 5 of The Leaders' Table to connect with Jason Llorenz on how she drives change agents to be their best selves and why diversity isn’t a dirty word.

4 gems you’ll find in his episode:

  1. How you can drive meaningful conversations about diversity, equity, power and privilege with humor, fun and grace.
  2. Ways your squad helps make change, and why you must choose them wisely.
  3. Tips for self-care to renew your spirit when social justice work feels hard.
  4. Ideas for starting your day mindfully to shape your life.

Jada wants to connect with you! Visit her website to leave a comment and to schedule time to tap into your creative leadership! www.JadaMonicaDrew.com

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