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Podcast: Irene Holtzman on dancing through advocacy and leadership

  • Irene Holtzman

“Recognizing and advocating for your own value is so incredibly important.”

— Irene Holtzman

Irene Holtzman is quick on her feet — in more ways than one. She spends her days advocating for agile school decision-making and her favorite evenings rocking the dance floor.

Put your earbuds in and join us as a fly on the wall for Irene’s reflections on her path from 6th-grade teacher to executive director of Friends of Choice in Urban Schools.

From the tough lessons she learned in her first year leading a team to the mentorship of a leader she describes as “the baddest of the bad,” this interview will get you into the leadership groove.

Tune in for tips, tricks, insights and stories from Irene Holtzman and other education changemakers. #LeadersTablePodcast

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