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Podcast: Amy Wilkins on the art of political compromise

  • Amy Wilkins

"If we were really serious in this country about how education fits into the American Dream . . . we would be serious about ensuring that low-income kids and kids of color got the best and the most, rather than the least and the worst." 

— Amy Wilkins

Amy Wilkins — senior fellow for social justice at the College Board and longtime advocate for educational equity known best for her work at the Education Trust — talks policy, patience and professional mistakes on Episode 6 of The Leaders' Table.

Amy schools us on what states need to do to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act and shares powerful advice for women working in Washington.

The real-talk lesson you’ll learn from Amy? To get things done, shut up and listen!

"You absolutely have to listen, whether you are lobbying or speaking to a journalist. If you listen carefully, you'll see where things are headed. I think so often we're so intent on getting our point across that we neglect to listen to the people who are talking to us, our coalition partners or members of Congress. If you listen, the roadblocks and path to victory are clear, but if you're intent on pushing your way through, you're going to fail."

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