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New Online Platform Promotes Teacher Leadership

  • Teach to Lead

LEE is pleased to announce that we are a supporter of Commit to Lead, a new online platform for educators to share ideas and commitments for teacher leadership. The U.S. Department of Education and the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards launched Commit to Lead, the platform of the Teach to Lead initiative, on August 28th.

Teachers are well-positioned to develop ideas that can make a real difference for students. Educators have a deep understanding of student and family needs and the interworking of their school. Teach to Lead allows educators to mine this expertise and gives them a platform to discuss innovative leadership ideas that can affect change.

How it works:

Educators are able to publish their ideas on the online platform and engage in a productive discussion with their peers. Users can then vote for the ideas they think are best and the proposals that receive the most votes rise to the top. The most popular ideas will frame the agendas for regional leadership labs organized by the Department of Education, where participants will work together to turn these ideas into action plans.

Some ideas currently posted include:

  • Create a system to facilitate teacher-to-teacher professional development in Rural North Carolina to expand knowledge of innovative, student-centered teacher approaches.
  • Develop a peer review network where teachers serve as peer observers to provide feedback and support to fellow teachers.
  • Create local teacher networks focused on better retaining, supporting, and developing beginning teachers.

To accelerate the work on the ground, Teach to Lead will also hold three regional Teacher Leadership Summits between December and early 2015 in Boston, Denver and Louisville, Kentucky. These working meetings will bring together educators from multiple states to spur meaningful commitments to teacher leadership. The summits will be followed by Teacher Leadership Labs that will focus on implementing the best ideas developed at the summits on the local level.

Visit Teach to Lead to read others' ideas and post your own today!