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Let a mentor help you transition into your new role

Jessica Bowen had just started a new position as a policy and research associate at an education advocacy organization. She joined the Policy & Advocacy Mentorship Program to help her through the transition.

“I was paired with an amazing mentor who lived in my region. During our one-on-one conversations, my LEE mentor helped me navigate the crucial first few months of my new job. She was able to share best practices on how to stay organized, increase productivity, contribute new ideas, and demonstrate value.”

Jessica’s mentor helped her navigate the complexities of her new role and helped her build the skills she needed to be impactful in her new role.

“I am confident that I was well-positioned to make meaningful contributions to my new organization because of my participation in the program.”

If you are an early or mid-career policy and advocacy professional, consider applying for the Policy & Advocacy Mentorship Program. Mentees must have recently transitioned into a new role to be eligible for the program.

For more information about the Policy & Advocacy Mentorship Program, and to apply, click here.