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LEE staff share their voting plans. What’s yours?

Check out the voting plans of LEE staff members to get ideas and inspiration for your own strategy for November 3. Find creative ways to share your plan with your family and friends to help get them planning ahead too.

What’s yours?

Still finalizing your voting plan?

Check out our Voter Readiness 101: BINGO! post with helpful links on voting absentee and finding sample ballots for your hometown.

Share Your Voting Plan!

In order to elect leaders who truly represent our communities, we need more citizens to exercise their right vote! We encourage you to share your voting plan with friends and family members, motivating them to make one, too!

Feel free to use LEE’s voting reminder templates to get started! ⬇️

Email Example

Hi, the general election is _____ days away. I care about voting because ______________. I want to make sure everyone has a plan for the polls! I'd love ten minutes to create a voting plan with you! What date/time works best for you? Thanks!

Hola, faltan _____ días para las elecciones. Me importa votar porque ______________. ¡Quiero asegurarme de que todos tengan un plan para votar! ¡Me encantaría diez minutos para crear un plan de votación contigo! ¿Qué fecha / hora funciona mejor para ti? ¡Gracias!

Text Message Example

Hi! I'm trying to get _____ folks to the polls this year? Do you have a voting plan? If not, can we set up a time to create one?

¡Hola! Estoy tratando de que _____ personas vayan a las urnas este año. ¿Tiene un plan de votación? Si no es así, ¿podemos establecer un horario para crear uno?

Social Media Example

I'm voting because __________. I've challenged myself to make sure _____ create a voting plan this year! If you haven't created one yet, send me a message so we can create one together!

Voto porque __________. ¡Me desafié a mí mismo/a/x para asegurarme de que _____ cree un plan de votación este año! Si aún no ha creado uno, envíeme un mensaje para que podamos crear uno junto/a/xs.

Get personalized guidance for your leadership journey!

Leadership for Educational Equity staff is devoted to supporting members as they grow and implement their visions for equity. No question is too large or too small. You can always reach out to your LEE contact to get started.