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LEE Member Profile: Madaline Edison

Check out the blog post from Edweek’s Sara Mead that profiles LEE member and Executive Director of Educators for Excellence about elevating the importance of teacher voice in the debate about education policy.

“Despite widespread agreement in education policy about the importance of teachers, the voices of teachers themselves are often excluded from debates about public policy. As executive director of Educators for Excellence Minnesota, Madaline Edison is one of a growing number of current and former teachers nationally who are working to change that. I first met Madaline when working on a strategic planning project for Educators for Excellence and was impressed by her commitment to education, her nuanced thinking about policy and teacher voice, her leadership skills, and her ability to successfully launch and lead a new Educators for Excellence chapter. A native of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Edison, 26, earned her bachelor's degree from South Dakota State University and a Master's of Arts in Teaching from Hamline University. She lives in Minneapolis, Minn., where she recently became a first-time homeowner.”

To read the full blog post on Madaline Edison, please visit the edweek blog.