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LEE member organizers will join forces at the Regional Strategy Team Summit

  • RST Summit

What do you get when you combine organizers from across the country, a year’s worth of major public action wins and a vision for an equitable future?

The third annual Regional Strategy Team Summit.

July 21–23, 2017, LEE members and community organizers from 19 regions will descend on Denver to celebrate the impact they’ve made for students over the past year. They’ll also learn advanced organizing skills and exchange ideas with their peers that will set them up to build more power and continue to pursue equity in 2018 and beyond.

Since 2014, more than 400 LEE members and hundreds of community leaders have participated in public actions driven by organizations that are led by local regional strategy teams as part of the LEE Organizing Leadership Network.

Take the amazing impact of ONE Houston, for instance. Over the past year, ONE Houston leaders

  • Convinced the Houston Independent School District (HISD) to ban suspensions of students in pre-K through second grade

  • Worked with the HISD School Board (which includes two LEE members!) to allocate $800,000 to increase the number of social-emotional therapists in HISD schools

  • Successfully lobbied HISD’s Board of Education to end their contract with a for-profit entity that was running the district’s disciplinary alternative education program in an inequitable manner

And ONE Houston isn’t alone: from the East Coast to the West, 19 total LEE member-led organizations are taking action for students in their communities — and they’ll all be gathering at the summit.  

If you’re currently serving on a regional strategy team and have not yet received your invitation to attend, please email Kristie Hamilton at kristie.hamilton@educationalequity.org as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in joining your local regional strategy team and leading collective action work in your area, contact your regional director today.