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LEE can help you run for office – and win!

Did you know that 60% of LEE members win their races?

LEE members serve at all levels of elected leadership and share a lifelong commitment to the movement for educational equity. If you are interested in serving students and their communities through elected office, we work to develop your leadership and provide you with ongoing support and training to help you be effective, impactful public leaders.

Here are some of the ways that LEE can support you:

Personalized Coaching

We support all members who are potentially interested in elected leadership — from first conversations, to exploratory reflections, exercises about running for office, throughout your campaigns, and through your critical work as elected officials. We support you across your entire journey to maximize your impact in your community.


Programs, Workshops & Virtual Content

From our Exploring Elected Leadership virtual content to our People of Color Political Leadership Program and Diversity in Elected Leadership series, LEE will help you reflect on your identity, leadership, and the impact you can make for students in your community by serving in elected office. If you don’t know where to start, LEE can help.


Campaign Partnership

LEE’s Campaign Partnership team works with you to tackle the challenges you will experience running for elected office — fundraising, utilizing data, canvassing and communicating, and everything in between. LEE coaches, advises and guides you through each step of your campaign. We’ve got you covered.


Whether you’ve held office before or are just starting to explore elected leadership, LEE can support you and the impact you want to make.

New to Leadership for Educational Equity? You're invited to Join LEE to get started on your leadership journey.