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LEE can help you organize within your community

LEE members have organized big wins in WiFi access, school discipline reform, transportation access, equitable funding and more!

We believe that all of us have a role to play in achieving educational equity, and our impact will be greater if we are organized and connected. It is crucial to work in communities across the nation, organize and bring people together, and help build the movement for educational equity.

Here are some of the ways that LEE members build and flex their organizing skills:

Fellowships, Trainings, and Workshops

LEE members stretch their skills with a combination of self-paced digital and cohort-based training, like Digital Organizing 101, National Organizing Workshop, and the School Organizing Fellowship. Gain the tools, support, and hands-on experience you need to help build power within communities that are creating change on the ground.

Organizing Alliances

Working alongside students, parents, and local leaders to make change in their communities, LEE member-led organizing alliances build relationships with community allies & engage in research to learn about the political landscape. They discern opportunities to make the biggest impact & mobilize in action to support equitable policies. Currently there are 15+ independent member-led organizing alliances across the United States.

Toolkits & Resources

Learn to build community, engage your constituency, and activate your base in physical and digital spaces with a portfolio of online resources and learning materials.

By joining this LEE’s network of civic leaders and taking advantage of countless leadership development opportunities that have been designed with you in mind, you will build the skills and power you need to foster a collective voice for change.