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Josie Raymond: Mothering in the State House (Mother's Day Special)

In honor of Mother's Day, we are resharing one of our most popular episodes with Kentucky State Representative Josie Raymond. 

This tenacious Kentucky State Representative and mother of three thrives on breaking through barriers. As a self-described former “free lunch kid” in her community, Rep. Raymond now focuses on creating opportunities, particularly pathways to education, for people in poverty. In this interview, Josie shares secrets for keeping her personal and professional life balanced and “running the best campaign your district has ever seen.”

Words of Wisdom: “I knew that people weren't just voting for the D or for the R, but people had met me. They had heard from me. They knew that we shared values and they felt good about casting their vote. That was a difference that was really powerful to me.”

LEE Blog Feature: Rep. Josie Raymond, first KY state rep to give birth in office, on motherhood and the call to leadership by Leadership for Educational Equity

Personal Mantra:  “We are never without power.”


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