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Join the next generation of policy & advocacy leaders

  • Ramiro Flores Turrubiates

Ramiro Flores Turrubiates has been to school in Mexico and all across the state of Texas. That exposed him to not just how different school was in Mexico and the United States, but also how different schools can be across in one state in the U.S.

After spending time in the classroom, Ramiro decided to pursue an interest in policy and advocacy. He spent the summer working at Empower Schools as a Policy & Advocacy Summer Fellow, where he researched educational inequity in the state of Massachusetts. But the fellowship was much more than his day-to-day work at his placement.

“The experience also helped me expand my network and gave me access to professional development with other fellows that allowed me to think deeply about this work. My placement held sessions for summer fellows on different pathways and opportunities, and I got to hear the perspectives of staff members who had gone to graduate school and been in the workforce for a bit of time. Trainings and sessions like these and the ones LEE offered helped me pick up tools I could apply right away, and identify the skills I need to build to reach my long-term goals.”

We need a diverse body of decision-makers — who believe in the potential of all children — crafting, analyzing, and ensuring the implementation of equitable policies that positively impact our communities.

If you’re ready to join Ramiro and the next generation of policy and advocacy leaders who will make educational equity a reality, apply for the Policy & Advocacy Summer Fellowship today.