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How the Policy Advisor Fellowship can take your mission to the next level

  • Gregory Hinton

Gregory Brookins Hinton had a unique experience that made him realize why his relationship with education was different.

“I missed nearly two months of high school during my sophomore year due to a chronic illness. And while I was fortunate to have some teachers who truly were responsive to my needs, I knew that not everyone had the same dedicated educators who would feel comfortable tutoring every day, staying after school when a chronically-absent student is present, or visiting the homes in the communities they teach in.”

As he saw how this compared to the siblings from his blended family that lived in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and Atlanta, he was driven to “enter the education arena to be the dedicated teacher, role model, mentor, and advocate that some of my own brothers and sisters did not receive.”

This led to Gregory applying for the Policy Advisor Fellowship because his mission “has always been to work toward dismantling systems that make access to fundamental opportunities unobtainable, or nearly impossible, for marginalized and oppressed people.”

He was placed with a senior LEE member at GO Public Schools in Oakland, California.

“Through my fellowship, I was able to expand my impact beyond West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) to also address inequity within the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). My fellowship allowed me to get my foot in the door, have a seat at the table, and obtain a space where my voice could truly be heard. And actions actually followed shortly thereafter.”

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Gregory made an impact all while working in the classroom and supporting another nonprofit as program director.

“Through the Policy Advisor Fellowship, I truly was able to balance working on various projects at GO Public Schools, in addition to my typical work schedule. I attribute this balance to my advisor, who understood the dynamic schedule of an educator given that he was also a former teacher.”