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How to Build the Positive Message Every Leader Needs

When you’re creating change in any community, there will always be people who agree with you and people who don’t. Change can be scary for communities, which is why it’s important to invite more voices to the table and unite on common ground.

Enter: the power of positive messages.

In the political context, your community’s fears and cultural momentum can either flow with you or against you. When you’re equipped with positive messages (your Message Box) for conversations with oppositional community members, you’ll be prepared to face the negative head-on and unite on the positive.

The Message Box is a powerful tool to help you think about yourself and the issues you’re passionate about within the context of your community so that you can anticipate sticking points and craft positive messages that bring everyone to the table.

The “all politics is local” cliché exists for a reason. Understanding your local socio-political context is the first major step toward anticipating how your vision of change might be met with fear–and overcoming it.


Learn how to build your positive message by logging into your LEE member profile and navigating to Message Box.