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Housekeeping Checklist for Newly Elected Leaders

  • To Do List as a newly elected official

This post is part of our Elected Leader FAQ guidance for newly elected leaders.

Congrats on winning your election (or re-election)! Prioritize the following actions within the next two weeks for a strong start in your role:

  1. Schedule a meeting with your jurisdiction’s legal counsel or ethics administrator
  2. Find, review, and save a copy of your jurisdiction’s policies related to:
    • Ethics
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Gifts
    • Fundraising
  3. File all fundraising reports on time (and keep your campaign bank account/contribution platforms active)
  4. Pay all outstanding campaign bills
  5. Thank your donors and keep in touch
  6. Immediately after you win, send a thank you email to all supporters and donors.
  7. Post your gratitude and acknowledge your grassroots support on social media as well
  8. Schedule time to personally call each high-dollar donor to thank them
  9. Mail “Thank You” letters to all donors, whether they donated during your campaign or while you have been in office
  10. Prepare a holiday postcard to send to donors in December
  11. Review and save your fundraising and communications contact list in an organized manner, so you can easily access it as you meet new contacts
  12. Determine whether you'd like to take advantage of Friends of LEE as an elected. If yes, please contact Britton Giroux, Director of Campaign Finance and Member Resources at
  13. Create new official profiles, separate from your campaign accounts on the platforms you plan to use during your term
    • Tag yourself as a “Government Official” or “Politician” where applicable
  14. Schedule reminders to communicate with your constituents (you can replicate content across platforms)
    • Social media (3-4 posts per week)
    • Email & newsletters (monthly or after big events)
    • Website updates (every other month or after big events)

You worked hard to get here. Before you launch into your new role, we hope you find time to celebrate your victory and trust that your equity-focused leadership will benefit students and families in your community.

We’re excited to connect with you soon to support you in having a positive impact. Congratulations, elected leaders!




  • What is the most crucial next step for you? For your constituents?
  • How can LEE support you in the short term? Long term?

Explore how to set yourself up for success as an elected leader.


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